Monday, June 13, 2011

Ode To Hookers

I saw my first high class hooker exchange Friday night and I feel more grown up. I think I may have even grown a little extra facial hair but I'm not sure. I completely forgot about it too until I randomly thought about hookers today (don't ask) and then realized that no, it wasn't a dream and that it did happen!

Here's what happened: There I was enjoying my second cocktail at some swanky bar attached to some swanky hotel. Suddenly this girl walks in wearing some slutty too short hot pink dress with some nasty white shawl thing probably purchased at the hooker store. She then introduced herself to a bald, not too attractive man at the bar who promptly ordered her a martini. Probably a dirty one know. Their interactions continued to be weird. She was acting like she *knew* him despite the fact that she introduced herself to him only 5 minutes ago. She massaged his gross bald head and appeared to be eating her skewer of olives in a vulgar manner.

Soon, one thing led to another and the two left the bar holding hands. The rest of the patrons (mostly just me) sat gaping at the blatant display of hookerism. I forgot that hookers do still exist and that despite the fact that this isn't New York City circa 1980, hookers can happen anywhere. Which made me want to write a little tribute to the fallen and virtuous hookers of the horror world. Even though they're dirty--everyone deserves a chance.

Are They Prostitutes?

I Hope So

(The Sentinel)


(Dead Hooker in a Trunk)


Ichi the Killer

"Gigolo Joe"

(A.I. Artificial Intelligence)

"The Tattooed Woman"

(Santa Sangre)

"Laura Palmer"

Pretty Much a Prostitute

(Twin Peaks)


(The Burning)


(Cemetery Man)

Several Hookers


"Hooker 1" and "Hooker 2"

(Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer)


(Eyes Wide Shut)


(Peeping Tom)


Courtney Small said...

I would add Theresa Russell's work in the film Whore to the list. Great idea for a post.

Anonymous said...

What about Brad Jones' (The Cinema Snob)Hooker With a Heart of Gold?

Sam said...

i can't remember the movie's title,but i was pretty much scared stupid till the tender age of 35! the movie in question showed a serial killer who burned a hooker in his bathroom! needless to say, i felt sorry on silver screen hookers.

Eddie said...

Great scene with a hooker in "Very Bad Things" Love that movie. More of a dark comedy than horror. Hi Andre!

CashBailey said...

Yay for hoo-ers!!

I particularly liked Domino from EYES WIDE SHUT. Until I found out she had the AIDS.

But I still love that movie.