Friday, November 27, 2009

The Omen: What Does a Jackal Giving Birth To a Human Actually Look Like and Followup Question; Is That Even Possible?

I'm sure unlike many of you, I made the grave error of seeing the remake of this movie before the original. Unfortunately Julia Stiles' best performance will always be Save the Last Dance- and Cotton Weary....why did he get that part anyways? Needless to say after watching the original I, firstly do not see a reason for the remake and secondly- did they even bother to change anything? OH WAIT Gorillas try to attack Damien instead of Baboons! My Bad!

The Omen is the ultimate son of Satan event. As much as I love Rosemary's Baby, we never really get to see what that little tyke is capable of. Damien however shows us exactly that--although I'm not entirely convinced he really did anything wrong at all but we will get to that later!

If you don't know the sad story of the Thorn's rest assured I will tell you. The Thorn's have finally gotten pregnant and given birth to a baby boy- the only problem is- the baby died. Atticus Finch is distraught and doesn't know what to do. A strange priest suggests he adopt- for another baby boy was born that same day- and his mother died during the birth. How perfect! Turns out...not so much because that baby just happens to be the son of the Devil.

Now one thing you will always hear people talk about when speaking of this film is the music. Never was there a more perfect feast for the ears when dealing with the spawn of Satan. The demonic chorus of voices is spectacular and always comes at just the right moment. What I love the most however is the beginning scene of the nanny hanging herself. The way she is so possessed and says it's all for you blah blah what the fuck! That part seriously messes me up every single time.
I think I've voiced my dislike and utter discomfort for hanging scenes before- so it should be no surprise that I find this scene especially traumatic. Not to mention a dog makes her do it not Damien.

Then of course we have Damien.

Some say he's the devil-- I say he's just trying to rid the world of bad style one hat at a time. See the above scene for more information. Damien is an interesting one- because it doesn't seem like the kid really knows he is the son of the devil. He laughs and plays with the other children- and the only reason bad things happen is because the evil Nanny manipulates him with her evil mind. Occasionally he gives the token spawn of the devil evil glare- but for the most part I think he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And by wrong place I mind inside a Jackals uterus.

This movie is classic and has several moments of extreme beauty- and beauty and blood at that. The deaths are so wonderfully set up that it truly makes me appreciates and long for the days when this kind of masterful filmmaking was more common- in horror that is.

Sigh. Isn't that just swell? So basically the gist here is that I love The Omen. I still don't get the whole human baby through a Jackal's vagina thing but whatever-- I'm not a veterinarian. The revelations of the seriousness of the situation will always surprise me no matter how many times I watch this. For some reason I always forget the major sort of twist that happens when Gregory Peck opens up that second grave! How is this possible? Because it rocks. End of story.
It also has inspired me to do a Top Spawn's of Satan come soon. And by soon I mean in like 20 minutes...because it's raining and I can't go anywhere.

OH and on a side note- Damien may be the heaviest sleeper that has ever been born into this world- son of the devil or not. Who sleeps through their Dad pulling their hair and cutting off a giant piece of it to reveal your sacred 666 scar on your head?!

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Gory said...

Wow. You saw the remake first? Glad you were still able to get the power of the original.

I so love Jerry Goldsmith's music. Of course I love his music in almost everything he had done. One of the composers whom I was really sad when he died. I always dreamed of working with him and now that can never be. His score for the third film, The Final Conflict, is just as amazing in my opinion.

Thumbs up on another great post!

Andre said...

I know it is sort of embarrassing. My Dad had gotten it one night and I was bored and home on vacation from College so why not? I wasn't the ultimate horror fiend I am now I suppose.

The Igloo Keeper... said...

You. Saw. The. Remake. Before...oh my sweet lord I can't even say it. You poor child.

Andre said...

I know I know! It was a dark time in my life ok?!

Metria said...

I saw the original Omen when I was about six. I had to sleep with all the lights on for a couple months, it was such a scary movie!

Anonymous said...

Well u still didn't answer your Own question can a jackel give birth to a human?

grazatt said...

A jackal would not be big enough to carry a human baby to full term

Anonymous said...

Just hv to say really quick the person who wrote the first paragraph about Julia Styles, she plays the role of damiens mother in the remake.

Anonymous said...

Actually we do get to see what Rosemarys Baby is capable of in the 1976 sequel Look Whats Happene to Rosemarys Baby when Adrian/Andrew is 8 to 21 years old. The Satanists put mime makeup on him and he dances with a bunch of young people to heavy metal rock music at a casino. The head decapitation scene in the original 1976 The Omen is disgusting. Yes the music in the original is sinister and it fits the movie. The 2006 remake is also effective. The idea of a Jackal giving birth to a human is absurd.If it were possible it would look like a cross between an animal and a human.

Anonymous said...

One thing to remember is that damien is not the jackal did not carry a human in the uterus.this was the son of satan who also has power to transform himself.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the Original "Omen" soooo much that I didn't even bother to watch the remake. When u have seen the Best why try the Rest, ya know?? Hollywood usually messes up the sequels/remakes. The reason they thought they had to do a remake is because Somebody THOUGHT they knew how to write it better supposively. The original cast was AWESOME too. Strong performances played by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick and the other supporting actors were great. Did u know there was a time when actors were afraid to act in horror movies because bad things wd happen on the set when they were acting?? It's true.

Anonymous said...

I agree