Monday, August 6, 2012


Today something really, really exciting happened. So exciting, that I almost peed my pants---on an elliptical machine. Today two of my greatest loves of all time, combined to make one gigantic bomb of awesome. The Olympics and Suspiria. Probably it was the 2nd most excited that I've been on a treadmill. Okay, I can tell you really want to know why I was so excited so here it is.

Today was the synchronized swimming duet, free routine day. Whilst working out, those meanie and poor sport Russians got up to do their routine. I say meanie and poor sports because when they lost the gold medal during the team gymnastics event, they cried like a bunch of babies.And also there was a lot of this from stinky face McGee.

 Therefore---Russia and I were not friends.

Just when I started making Russia stinks faces, their music kicked on and I gasped out loud. The Russians were actually doing a synchronized swim routine to Goblin's music from SUSPIRIA.

Okay, so their routine made it seem like they were these weird cheery dolls yeah yeah, still. SUSPIRIA. AT THE OLYMPICS. I could hardly contain my excitement. I even had to cut my work out short so I could  write about it.

Here is a shaky cam representation of it

I'm obsessed!

I guess this means Russia and I can be friends after all.


Mikey Sarago said...

Holy crap! A Goblin song at the Olympics?! That is so epic! But also very, very creepy.

Thomas Duke said...

This is awesome. I thought the Olympics were boring. I'm gonna spread the word.

Dark Iris said...

OMG my mind is completely blown! I, too, would have cut my workout short to watch this clip repeatedly, and then tell everyone I know about it (which I'm doing). What possessed these women to pick such an incredible musical piece??? Awesome. Thanks for making my day with this post!

CashBailey said...

That's amazing. Choreograph a flowery, artsy-fartsy routine to the most chilling, nightmarish film score ever written.

That's either the greatest thing ever or an epic troll.

commodore sixty four said...

wow disturbing even for Russians that bit they do before they jump in the pool is grotesquely mesmerizing.

deadlydolls said...

First of all, Stinky McGee MADE the gymnastics event! When she slapped her coach's hand away after her messy balance beam routine, I officially became her number 1 fan. Bitch is badass. I guarantee she could take down the entire Fab Five in a bar brawl without messing up her super sleek ponytail.

As for the Russian swimmers, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! As if the creepy weirdness of syncrhonized swimming could pOSSIBLY get more awesome--it just did.

Chris Hewson said...

Wow! Just wow!

Australia has had some Olympic crybabies too. One woman bawled her eyes out, calling herself a disappointment to herself and her family...and she got silver!