Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Pointless/Awesome Post About How I Finally Watched the Cabin in the Woods

It took me so long to watch the Cabin in the Woods and I'm super embarrassed about it. Ever since it came out--heck, before it came out even, people were all like "OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER"

 and I was all like wait a minute... I thought Ghostbusters was the best movie ever?

And they were like yeah okay maybe... but THE CABIN IN THE WOODS IS SO GOOD.

And naturally I became dubious because sometimes the hype monster takes control of people's emotions and it gets messy.

However. All of a sudden people--normal people that I work with for instance, or people that do not like horror movies started coming up to me and being like, "OMG ANDRE THE CABIN IN THE WOODS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER".

And I was all like huh?

How is it, that people who do not like horror movies could say such a statement. Needless to say it was a cats and dogs living together kind of situation.

So fast forward to now, when I FINALLY got to see The Cabin the Woods for myself. In fact, I even bought it on Amazon instant video because I felt so embarrassed about not seeing it in the first place. I thought that maybe if I bought it, everyone would forgive me for not seeing it. And by everyone, I mean Morgan Freeman.

So what did I think.....


It really is great. It's fun, it's scary, it's weird, it's awesome, it's smart, it's stupid,---it's kind of exactly like my life when I write it all out like that... but most importantly it's something you should definitely watch. Not that anyone exists anymore that hasn't seen it. But just in case there is someone like me crouching in the corner and holding themselves while mumbling about how they don't want to be disappointed----

You won't be. Although, you should probably put on some clothes. But yes, The Cabin in the Woods is an exquisite treat of life.

Should I even talk about why it's so awesome? I don't know. I don't think I need to. The Cabin in the Woods is just so drastically different than anything that has come out in the last decade, it's kind of difficult to talk about it's awesomeness without sounding like a crazy person.

 I just love virtually everything about this--but especially how different it is. And maybe even more especially the details of everything. For instance, someday I would like to really run a fine toothed comb through the basement scene and figure out which beast each thing stands for. Of course I already tried that and it was way too dark to really do it--

but also I can't figure out how each beast could even be represented in that tiny basement. Is this just a pipe dream? Probably.

Maybe instead I'll just keep watching The Cabin the Woods and dancing in my bed every time. Good thing I bought this movie so I can keep watching it and dance in my bed. People should really hire me to make important life decisions for them. I'm so good at it.


commodore sixty four said...

How does any horror movie hope to follow cabin in the woods?Its prolly my favorite horror movie ever behind dawn of the dead and now that its on dvd I can pause on that dry erase board of monsters or go frame by frame when all of them make an appearance its awesome!I also need to find a coffee thermos bong like marty's

Nigel M said...

Hi, I think there is a lot of "emperor's new clothes" around cabin in the woods. I notice to the right of this post there is a list of reviews. Within that list there are some absolute classics. Some several decades old. I suspect in several decades, unlike Don't Look Now for example, Cabin in the Woods will be largely forgotten list with Yellowbrickroad or consigned to the pile marked hype-over-substance where resideth Jeepers Creepers.

Of course it pushes all the right buttons for horror fans by sticking everyone's favourite monsters in there, but Abbot and Costello used that trick too with variable results.

Anyhow, great blog, disagree about this particular movie. I found it underwhelming. The movie that is and not the blog, natch.

Ryan Clark said...

I just finally saw it a couple of weeks ago myself, and I have to agree with you. I wouldn't call it the best movie ever - or anywhere NEAR the best movie ever, in fact - but it was extremely enjoyable and I had a good time watching it. I can even see myself revisiting it someday.

Emily said...

I finally watched this on Sunday night and I also was embarrassed and sad that I hadn't watched it earlier because I LOVED it too!!!! And I can't believe I waited so long to have this awesomeness in my life! What my hope and dream was/is is that there were alternate parts of the movie filmed so it could be like a choose your own adventure movie and you could see different scenarios depending on what was chosen in the basement.... Or we could see different past scenarios. I guess this will now only happen in my actual dreams.... Bummer.

Spooky Sean said...

Yeah, I even liked it, and I'm a smug cynic horror bastard.

Doug Roos said...

Such a badass movie. A horror lover's dream come true. This is why we need original horror.

Awesome post too. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Took me ages to get around to watching Cabin In The Woods also.

Totally not what i was expecting but a fun movie. Ending was good.

Movie Memorabilia

BobSmash said...

I, too, am a smug, cynical horror bastard and I squeed myself at this one.

I squeed so hard it hurt for a week.

Eddie Ho said...

The only thing I like more than Cabin In The Woods is reading what Andre Dumas writes about it. As always fresh and inventive and entertaining as hell. This really is one of my favorite movie blogs.