Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hey, It's Dexter!

I can't believe Dexter started again and no one told me. You guys are supposed to rouse me from my couch of solitude when something important happens. What's that? Some of you gave up on Dexter? Mmmmhmmm.  A likely story!

Well actually I suppose that's many people's story. As with most shows that center on some kind of giant secret and the importance of keeping that giant secret----Dexter seemed to run out of steam the moment that certain people were "In" on the secret. And more importantly, the plot lines began waning.

There's also some who believe the show 'jumped the shark' due to that whole messiness where Dexter decided he just liked killing people period. But this latest and last season suggests a different story--whether or not Dexter wants to admit it and this intrigues me.

But also mostly I just like seeing crack-whore Deb in action.

Luckily thanks to my best friend (my DVR) I'm 3 episodes into the season, I can now unveil my wisdom.

1. Everyone is terrifying.

Okay maybe not everyone, but lets just say for the sake of brevity and laziness that everyone is kind of terrifying. You've got Deb--who has spiraled down into a pit of alcoholism, drug use, and a strong reluctance to shower. Apparently shooting someone to prevent people from finding out that your brother is a serial killer really takes a toll on you--who knew?

You've got Dexter, who still hasn't realized that he has a son--getting blood on his stuffed animals and yelling because ugly vases get smashed.

You've got Harrison who is significantly older now and can house a whole box of red popsicles--no problem.

And finally you've got Dr. Vogel who continues to creep me out with her weird obsession with Dexter and her satisfaction at watching the boy she pruned grow up into a full fledged murdering bush. I mean, it's pretty obvious she was probably married to Dr. Hannibal Lecter right? If not, then they should totally date.

2. Quinn and Jamie have apparently been having so much sex that they've forgotten to eat anything.

Seriously these two look like they've both lost 30 pounds. It's very distracting--especially with Jamie who was once very cute in that Angel's little sister kind of way but now I just want to throw sandwiches at her.

3. I would like to frame Dexter's childhood artwork and put it somewhere strange like in the bathroom.

4. Why isn't anyone concerned that Harrison might turn into a mini-Dexter? Both were 'born in blood' and I can't help thinking that that popsicle massacre is foreshadowing something much sinister. OH ALSO---are there popsicles like that that are really all one flavor?!?! Show me the popsicle.

Ummmm I guess that's all the wisdom that I have so far. I thought I had more but now I'm too distracted by the popsicle conundrum. Hands up people that hate green popsicles.


Alright so ultimately I think this season is off to a nice start. Charlotte Rampling's Dr. Vogel is a very nice and unexpected addition. I love how she acts as a psuedo-mother figure but I'm also extremely suspicious of her. I'm still not convinced she doesn't have a kill room of her own somewhere.....or maybe her kill room is the way she 'kills' her psychopaths by unmasking them and committing them to a lifetime of suffering at the hands of an institution and shame. GASP!

The Brain Surgeon is interesting enough though I suppose I do miss the theatrics of the doomsday killer.  But then again once you get Edward James Olmos as Colin Hanks' hallucination everyone else just seems...... meh.

So what do you think? Have you given up on Dexter or will you be tuning in this season at least for the sake of seeing what other kinds of ugly faces Jennifer Carpenter can make?


Chris Hewson said...

I'm half and half. I've partially given up on watching Dexter, but I still want to know where it's going and how it'll all end.

I'm definitely not a totally up-to-date watcher of it though, because in Australia, we're still lagging behind with season 6. I've no idea why. It's very annoying!

Princess said...

This is fantastic!