Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacuum Horror

I bought a Vacuum last week. Uneventful life event you say? A lot you know. I'll have you know that for as long as I've been a "real" person, I've never owned a vacuum. To be fair, there is only one and a half rugs in my house. Well I guess 2 rugs if you count the rug that is positioned right in front of the front door. I do not count this rug however because the only useful purpose this rug serves is that it camouflages my cat's throw up. Why does she only choose to ralph on that rug and not the others? The world is a strange place.

ANYWAYS. I went to Target last week and hauled a vacuum into my shopping cart. I felt proud and big. You know, like a real person. My sister and I were eager to vacuum away the 4 or so years of cat hair, dust and cat puke however.....when we got it going we quickly realized that the vacuum totally sucked. Or rather I should say it totally didn't suck.

Instead, it decided to just regurgitate all the hair and dust out. Thinking we may have set it up wrong somehow, I decided to take it apart today and examine it. I found nothing wrong with it and proceeded to uselessly vacuum the rug today. See? This is why I refuse to become a real just never works out in the end. One day you're all high and mighty because you finally bought a vacuum and the next you're knee deep in dust.

Yeah so I thought I'd just let you all know that vacuums are the worst. As evidenced by this scene from Dream Home. You're welcome.

Oh and also, I discovered that you can watch the entirety of Mr. Boogedy on youtube. You're welcome again.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be captain obvious and risk coming off like an ass but are you sure the bag in the vacuum is secure? Or does it have an in-built filter?

I'm a professional cleaner. Trust me, I know these things.

deadlydolls said...

I own a dustbuster, and it dies every time I use it for more than 3 minutes. So have no worries. Some of us just are not fit for certain chores.

Grim said...

Thank you for the Mr. Boogedy info. I forgot that movie existed until just now. Rock.

zombie world said...

hmmm Vacuum, interesting lol