Monday, May 9, 2011

The Scary Face Club: May Inductees

Welcome back to the Scary Face Club! The Scary Face Club is now a "thing" just so you know. By that I mean there is a nifty link under the heading that says, "Scary Face Club" and it talks about it and stuff. For all those who missed last weeks meeting check it out here.

Our secretary, The Countess from Black Sabbath will now give us a run down of what happened last time.

At our last Scary Face club meeting, we voted on positions in both the comments section and a poll on the sidebar. The positions are as follows:

President: Pazuzu
Vice President: Barlow
Secretary: The Countess
Treasurer: Zelda

The dumpster creature from Mulholland Drive, was deemed "too scary" to look at on a monthly basis. I'm not really sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Thank you Countess. And now, our 5 new inductees for the month of May.


(Twin Peaks)

For a guy who has virtually no make up or prosthetics on, BOB is one scary dude. These are actually the kind of scary faces that I love and truly value. Being able to scare people just by your own natural looks and a few scary facial expressions, is a feat that should be commended more in this genre. Is there an award for such a thing? Scariest looking person without make up? Probably not, because it sounds kind of mean. Like, "Hey you're really ugly!" but that's the thing. BOB isn't necessarily ugly is he? Sure the long hair is kind of...bleck but I'm sure he's quite pleasant looking in person.

Regardless, a lot of people continue to have nightmares about BOB. Sometimes when I'm laying in my bed, I'm afraid he'll be there. Scowling at me from the end of the bed.

Demon Cheryl

(The Evil Dead)

Before I ever saw The Evil Dead, I was traumatized by the image of Cheryl locked in the cellar. I wanted to know the name of the movie so that I could put it on my list of movies to never see. Then when I started to become curious about horror and gained the desire to be scared, I crossed it off that list and watched it.

Now no matter how many times I see The Evil Dead, Cheryl's face will always stick out to me as a jolt of yuck. Not only is it a gross face, but it's one of those faces that kind of makes your heart stop a bit every time you see it. Worse still is the fact that Cheryl's demon face progresses slowly from the first time she turns around after doing the "card trick" to her final moments. Perhaps I feel so powerful about this face because it's so drastically different from Cheryl's original one. And by the way, don't think I'm letting the rest of the demons in The Evil Dead movies get off the hook. They are all quite terrifying, but Cheryl's happens to be just a little more terrifying.



Not many people would think of Sarah's face as a Scary Face poster child, but I beg to differ. The first time I saw Suspiria, I was not prepared for what would come out behind that door. Is that even the same actress that played Sarah? She looks so scary. SO SCARY. It's the eyes I think and the fact that she's all dead and spitting blood and shit. The best part about this moment in Suspiria, is that the reincarnated Sarah is about 500 times more frightening than the Mother of Sighs herself. Funny isn't it?

The Jackal

(13 Ghosts)

13 Ghosts is not a very good movie but it does have some pretty awesome looking make up and stuff. Plus, if you minus the fact that Matthew Lillard is in this, then it gets about 4 times better. Anyways, before I was all in the know about horror movies, I was obsessed with 13 Ghosts because of the ghosts. I totally thought the "Black Zodiac" was real and that the characters were based on real people that died horrific deaths. Wow am I embarrassing.

The Jackal is one crazy mother fucker though. He has one of the scariest faces I've ever seen and he's all locked in one of those cages that people used to use for really insane people. He scares the crap out of me. Still today even though I know and understand what a horrible movie 13 Ghosts is, I can't shake the image of this guy from my head.

Michael Berryman

This will be a first time in The Scary Face Club, to have an entry not be a character from a particular movie. I feel bad for Michael because his face is really that scary in real life. Then again, it is his face that has led to his successful career in the horror world. Hmmmmmm! In any case, his bone structure is a thing of wonder. Matched only by Lurch (and The Giant in TP), Michael's face sends shivers down your spine.

Most notable role? Probably Pluto from The Hills Have Eyes, he was plastered all over the poster and all.

So that's it. Now, discuss!


Pax Romano said...

Bob, Bob, and Bob! Never has someone terrified so many with so little.

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

Oh poor Micheal but yeah....totally scary!

B.STANK said...

Berryman no doubt! My captcha to comment is "obsestio"...not a word, but it is NOW!

BRENT said...

I don't think I'll ever have the hots for Cheryl and ask her out on a she is definitely one 'evil' bitch!!!!

Unknown said...

Sarah!! Such a creepy, shocking scene in that brilliant movie. :)

Anonymous said...

You are forgotting Laura Dern from Inlandempire

Andre Dumas said...

I'm not forgetting anyone Anonymous! This is a Scary Month Club--and I select 5 every month, so there will be many more and Laura Dern may pop up eventually.

Jen said...

I am going with Sarah, although 13 Ghosts is a major guilty pleasure for me!

The French Waffle said...

I am hiding in my under my bed with a baseball bat terrified that BOB will "catch me with his death bag".