Thursday, December 30, 2010

5 Things I've Learned This Year

Well again we've made it another year. There's only one year left before the world ends and John Cusack makes it out alive. But hey, we can get a lot done in a year. In fact I know we can just by looking back at this year. So many great things happened, so many new friends, so many friends that I decided I hated--yes, this year had it all. So welcome yet again to my final wrap up in which I let you in on the 5 most important things that I've learned.

1. A Disturbing Film Isn't Just About the Gore

A few years ago, I could hardly make it through the anticipation that is Audition. Today, I'm eating a bowl of pasta with meat sauce while watching Cannibal Ferox. How did this happen? I'm guessing it's because of a little thing called desensitization. I've done a lot of thinking over this past year about gore, why horror fans seem to be immune to it, while even the toughest of men get queasy at the thought of sitting through a Saw film. Somewhere amongst the 300 or so horror movies I've watched in the last year and a half--gore became no big deal to me.

That's why as I move forward in my Exploration Disturbia project, I find that it's getting easier and easier to find the films that will make it on the list. Being disturbed by something is not the same as getting nauseous. Gore plays a role sure, but for a film to really, genuinely disturb me, it needs to continuously break into my thought patterns at the regular intervals in my day. Washing dishes or talking to my grandmother on the phone needs to be interrupted by the idea of eating Chinese dumplings stuffed with aborted fetuses. A lot of unnecessary gore does not a disturbing film make and this little realization that I had not too long ago--makes me even more excited for the final list to be made.

2. I Still Love John Landis

Alright, so he never responded to my letter. Am I going to cry about it? Am I going to gorge relentlessly on carbs and pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream while I hold my cat and watch reruns of Sex & the City. Probably. But who can blame me? For those of you who don't know, I sent John Landis a letter (a REAL letter) a few months ago--maybe longer...time flies when you're hopeful. In this letter I told him how I missed him and his movies and that he needs to make another horror movie so that my life can take the proper shape again. In the actual letter I used less creepy sounding metaphors and adjectives.

Anyways I still think it's true. John Landis is original, hilarious, and makes great films. His humor is exactly the kind of natural wittiness that I strive for a on a daily basis. So what if he's making a dark comedy right now? I need a horror movie. I need an American Werewolf in London type film that was not originally intended to be a funny movie that contains horror elements. I just want him back. I want him to prove to us all that our favorite directors are still capable of turning out great films. I won't name names.... (WES CRAVEN who didn't sign the poster of My Soul to Take the way I wanted you to!!!!)

3. Variation Helps

I touched on this a bit in my year end wrap up but when you watch only horror movies for the better part of your life, you start to feel like a giant blob. It's not that I was necessarily sick of horror movies, it's just that I kind of missed watching a movie where someone doesn't get killed. This is why now at least once a week, I watch a movie that is not a horror movie. Amazingly enough it helps me become a better movie watcher. It also makes me a little smarter (maybe) and possibly even a better writer. Of course I owe a big thank you to Nate Yapp for inviting me over to Cinema Geek where I can watch non horror movies and still talk about them. May the next year bring many new posts and movie watching experiences.

4. I Am a Wuss

I failed you. All of you. I was so excited about my Facing the Fear project this summer and so ready to you know, face my fear and all that and then BAM. Too scary. I suppose I was just too ambitious. It's just such a strange thing to be so terrified of a fake shark. A FAKE ONE. I'm not even that scared of real ones just fake ones! What is that? It's the lamest thing in the entire world. How can I give you people advice on disturbing movies when I still think that if I close my eyes in the shower, a shark will eat me?!!!

Honestly, those first few days after my failed viewing of Jaws were dark. Dark, depressing and dumb. I felt like the lowest of the low. Maybe one day when I'm really drunk I will be able to watch Jaws 2. But until then, I'll understand if you still want to make fun of me constantly behind my back. I deserve it.

5. Blogging Is Still the Tits

It's true, I still am having just as much if not more, fun blogging. I'm pretty notorious for not finishing projects. I have an unfinished cross stitch of three cats in my bedside table that says, 'A Cat is a Cat and That's That!' (please reserve judgement until the end), and just yesterday I put away a puzzle that I did not feel like finishing (in my defense it was very difficult) (it was 1000 pieces and a picture mosaic of Starry Night made up hundreds of pictures of astronauts and the night sky. FYI the night sky all LOOKS THE FUCKING SAME. And also the puzzle was distracting me from doing real life stuff like eating sandwiches and watching reruns of Jon and Kate Plus 8). So believe me, I am as surprised as you that I've kept this blog going for so long.

I can't believe last year at this exact time I was exclaiming in wonder how great is that I get 100 hits a day. As of now, my average is 1,000 hits a day! Yes about half of those people are just searching for free hard core sex sites but the other half (maybe) are real genuine people who want to read about horror movies and want to have a good time. Every day that I get an email from someone, whether it's just a "hey I love what you're doing" or a "you've inspired me to start my own blog" or even some crappy spammer just wanting to link with me---I get excited.

Yes, blogging is largely meaningless--but to some people (including yours truly) it's the best decision they ever made. This blog has created opportunities for me. I can apply to jobs that I actually want and put my blog on my resume because people want to know. People want to know that I'm not just some average 24 year old getting a job to pay the bills. I'm a 24 year old who uses all their spare time to write about blood and guts and horror movies that have feelings and that are actually saying something. I have creativity, free thought and boobs. I'm not average and blogging is NOT meaningless if you have something to say. Always remember this when someone gives you dirty looks.

So as this year comes to a close I think it's important that I thank all of you who have stuck by and read The Horror Digest. Whether you've never left a comment, or if you have. Any and all readership is good to me (Yes, even you Jervaise Brooke Hamster). Without you I would feel meaningless.

Here's to another great year of opportunities, friends, and horror movies.


Unknown said...

It's good to have you around the horror blogosphere, making the place a wee bit shinier and happier. I'm definitely looking forward to what you have up your sleeves in 2011.

deadlydolls said...

Congrats on a year well done missy. As I sit here wondering where in the ether my blog has gone, I realize how very important it has become to me. Everything from the act of writing to the community it's bred just makes me happy, and you dear, are a part of that. If by some tragedy I have to start all over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Dod said...

I'll be brief: You are tremendous, and this entry is proof.

Keep those thoughts rolling in 2011, because reading them is always a highlight.

(Oh, and keep the movie recommendations coming, too - haven't had a bad one yet from you)

Mister Bones said...

HAH! I love #4! So glad it's not just me, I have an irrational fear of both sharks and flying. I'm pretty sure my fear of sharks comes from my father letting me watch Jaws at a very young age. I STILL can't believe that movie is rated PG.

B.STANK said...

If blogging it "the tits", than your blog is "the nipples"!! You have a very engaging style...laid back with a great sense of humor. You don't look down on your readers like some of the other blog writers. You are one of us! I used to read a very popular blog everyday and stopped because he is soooo condescending to his readers.

Keep it up! Have a HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

DVD Infatuation said...

A nice way to end 2010! Glad I came across your blog this year (even if it WAS only in the last few weeks or so...better late than never).

Have a Happy New Year, and I look forward to more movie recommendations in 2011.

Bloodbath said...

so sad i only discovered your blog so late in the year, but happy to say it's now one of my favorite hits during the day. hope to enjoy ur blog in 2011. happy new year!

JBH said...

Thanks for girl-tioning me Andre, i really appreciate it.