Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Silver Bullet: I Love You, The Peace Maker

You know what I love about werewolf movies? They are essentially just whodunit murder mysteries with more blood and psychological undertones. And I love that. I also love saying whodunit because it's one word and it looks totally made up as a real word but it IS a real word.

I believe it has been.....a very long time since I've watched a werewolf movie. And I don't know why because every time I sit down and watch one after a hiatus of not watching them--I say to myself: "Why don't I watch more werewolf movies?" Why indeed.

I remember watching Silver Bullet a very long time ago. My Dad had been watching it on TV and was enthralled by the fact that the kid's wheelchair was motorized. So was I come to think of it. That thing is badass.

I remember the ending chase scene and dual feeling of excitement and terror. The same two feelings I get when running on the treadmill past 4.0 MPH.

Taking place in a small town probably in Maine, Silver Bullet also reminds me how much I love small town horror movies. Small towns are breeding grounds for the best characters you will ever find in a movie. Here are your crazy Ralph's, your old Church ladies, your racist and politically confused neighbors. Small towns rock. Plus they make us feel compassionate for just about everyone (minus the racist and politically confused neighbor) who dies---which is quite a feat for a horror movie when you think about it.

To put it simply, Silver Bullet is one of the best werewolf movies out there for several reasons. It'll charm the pants off you (I'm pretty sure it's the only horror movie to make me cry at the end). The artistic splaying of dead bodies is something to gawk at.

And the werewolf is one of the craftiest motherfuckers I've ever had the pleasure of watching. I know we're in an age now where we can't expect to be surprised by the modern developments of seemingly classic movie monsters, but seeing that werewolf climb up a terrace or beat someone up with the Peace Maker is kind of the best thing that ever happened to me.

Which reminds me. The Peace Maker (captial P, son!) is my new favorite thing. I'm totally going to carry that around from now on and break up fights with it. Of course one very important thing to remember about the Peacemaker.... good for breaking up fights in bars.

Not so good for killing werewolves.

BUT, good for werewolves to kill people with.

While I'm at it. Does anyone else feel funny when they see John Locke with hair?

Perhaps not as funny as you would feel when seeing "Father" from People Under the Stairs playing a different kind of Father.

 Especially since the last time I saw him, he was wearing this.

Of course neither of those things even come close to the kind of funny you feel when you realize that Gary Busey is your Uncle.

Sorry, I'm all amped up and excited about werewolves which as we all know creates a feeling of total inhibition within me causing me to just blog my thoughts as they are directly pouring into my head. I better go now before I say something I regret.

PS: Rest in peace....the Peace Maker.

The world is a cruel, cruel place.


Verdant Earl said...

Whenever I see Everett McGill, the actor who plays the priest, I always think of werewolves. Not because of Silver Bullet, but because he was in one episode of a TV series called Werewolf shortly after this movie came out. He didn't even play a werewolf in that episode, if I recall correctly. Then I remember that the creator of that show was Frank Lupo. And I think it's cool that the creator of a show about a werewolf is named Lupo.

Then I get depressed about all the useless crap in my head and I eat a bag of chips.

Andre Dumas said...

When I get depressed, I eat a sandwich! We should be friends.

commodore sixty four said...

Everett Mcgill's face haunted my dreams as a child that guy is creepy as hell but this is a great movie and Anne of green gables is in this too! She was up there with Mia Sara and Kerri Green for biggest 80's crush.

Spooky Sean said...

Terry O'Quinn will always be Peter Watts from Millenium to me.
For, in Millenium, he has a mustache.
An epic mustache.

Ray Bly said...

I am addicted to your Blog. Please NEVER stop doing this or life will lose it's color and the universe will slip into a void of eternal darkness. If this happens I would appreciate it if you review the phenomenon.