Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heartbreaking Deaths and Song Dedications

As we get closer to the end of the year, I start becoming very sentimental. It's on those lonely cold nights, when my blinds are blowing even though I closed the windows, when my heat decides it will not come on till 3 AM, and when I'm out yet again of peanut butter--that I start missing some of my most dearly beloved friends.

Friends who I rooted for, friends who promised me they would be there--people we loved and then lost. This post is in honor of their memories and all the happiness they gave me while they were still alive. For even though their deaths may have been sad, they will still each receive a song in their memory--sing along if you must. Spoilers to follow...obviously.

28 Days Later

Even though this post could have just as easily been titled Mad-Eye Moody--it is not. Although--I miss him too. Frank however was also a fallen warrior. He was our strong father figure who was suppose to be there for us. He had skills, he had riot gear and he had blinking Christmas lights. Frank was the greatest. And he went out the lamest of all ways. Frank deserved something with a little more zest but ironically (doesn't matter if that's used correctly because Alanis don't give a fuck) he was taken out with a single drop of blood, that Frank just happened to look up in time to catch in his eye. Sigh. We miss you Frank. Perhaps you were taken from us for a reason. Perhaps we wouldn't properly have grown if you had been our crutch the entire time. Either way I miss you man.


Buster was one of those characters that you just hoped would go a long way. He was so close to saving the day and yet--it wasn't meant to be. Through all the dead ends, and the suspicions, Buster must have been mighty happy to open the door and see Paul Sheldon drugged and hidden in the basement. Unfortunately his happiness was short lived--or was it? Maybe he did die happy after all? Oh Buster your death really hit me hard. I will forever see your shining face looking down on me from above. A bittersweet death? To you yes. To me---wild depression.

Soylent Green

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have to fight back at least one tear during this sensational scene. After discovering the truth behind the composition of Soylent Green, Sol Roth takes a trip to the assisted suicide clinic. Ty Thorn gets there just in time and is able to speak to his good friend and roommate before Sol is lost forever. Meanwhile, Sol's vision is tantalized with pictures of our world as we know it today--lush green landscapes, animals roaming freely. For those brief few minutes, Sol is able to die happily knowing that he gets one last look at how beautiful it all once was. Sol's death was one of the saddest ends to a bromance that I've ever seen ( one upped by another coming up shortly) and it survives in my memory as one hell of a heart break. There is one good thing--Ty's arrival puts Sol at even more ease, knowing that he wasn't alone and that his friend was by side...well--behind a glass partition...but at his side nonetheless.

The Shining

Ooh Mr. Halloran. You are my favorite character (or wait...I think Grady is secretly but shh). How much cooler can you be? One look at Dick Halloran's bedroom is enough to tell you that the man has class and sass. Aside from his epic coolness, Mr. Halloran's death is another case of the Busters. By that I mean he was just too late, and perhaps in the wrong place at the wrong time. After all that struggling to go save Danny, plane rides, snow storms--it all ends with one single stroke of the axe--wielded by resident crazy man, Jack Torrance. Seeing Mr. Halloran fall so simply was almost like a blow to my soul. He was Danny's cry for help and now he's gone. What will happen now? What? You mean Danny's life is now held responsible by Wendy Torrance?! Hell no. Luckily, Mr. Halloran put enough faith in Danny and Danny knows that even though Mr. Halloran is gone--his light still shines on. Take it away David Cook.

Dawn of the Dead

Ah, the ultimate heartbreaking end to one of the greatest bromances of all time. Few things were more heartbreaking than seeing Roger and Peter run around the mall laughing and holding hands and shooting guns--and knowing that it would soon be all over for Roger. In Roger's final moments, Peter stays with him gun at the ready and probably really depressed. When the time arrives, Peter does what he needs to do--and it's SAD, because friendships should last forever and this did not. Although, I'm sure Peter held its memory very close to his heart. Don't speak Roger (you can't anyways because you're a gross zombie now), Peter knows what must be done.

The Monster Squad

In my opinion, Frank's death at the end of the Monster Squad is one of the saddest things I've ever had to go through--and I've put myself through it numerous times I should add, because the Monster Squad is the best. In Frank's final moments, when he saves Sean from Dracula--he gets in that perfect diss and saves the day. And then, in the saddest moment since the end of Homeward Bound, the portal opens up and expels all the bad. Frank tries to hold onto Phoebe but it's no use. In one last moment of tear filled awesomeness, Phoebe throws in her stuffed animal which Frank holds onto--happy as ever. Maybe Frank was happy after all--he had finally made friends and didn't feel so ugly anymore. Still, saddest thing I've probably ever seen. Ah well, Frank still has the memories right? The memories of a happy time, in the coolest club there was. Yes, Frank we will remember you and you will remember the Monster Squad.


lazlo azavaar said...

Wow, that was a fantastic post. And the well-chosen songs after each was a masterstroke of brilliance. Well done.

B.STANK said...

Damn, I thought that Sarah McLachlan song was a bummer with that animal rescue commercial...but Frankie?! It's just too much to take!!
Nice piece!

deadlydolls said...

Wait, Frankenstein is DEAD? I thought he was just sucked away into a different dimension. It's like when I found out my dogs and cats didn't actually go to any farm. Why???????

Andre Dumas said...

Dead to us Emily....dead to us.

amrith888 said...

Very creative twist.I like!
I have to agree with you about Dick Halloran.He was a cool dude and I was very bummed that he went through all that crap only to die,plus--die at the hotel where he may now never be released!
Grady is aces,too,though.The way he said he "corrected" his daughters and wife--the way he pronounces it is just full of WIN!!