Monday, November 16, 2009

Deer Woman:Exactly As It Sounds and Every Bit As Awesome.

I was starting to get a little worried about the Masters of Horror series. So far it seemed as though each director had the same tricks up their sleeve. How do you make a horror movie under an hour long? Add flashbacks that quickly tell your viewers the stuff you don't have time to tell. John Landis however has expertly mastered the short horror film- and Deer Woman was therefore an amazing and entertaining experience.

The only horror related thing I could attach to John Landis off the top of my head was the Thriller video- which is actually not be taken lightly because that video did scare me AND was basically a shortened horror movie so it makes sense. He's also responbile for some of the great comedies of our time and the Twilight Zone movie. He may be the perfect mix of horror and comedy and I never even realized it!

Our story begins with Dectective Faraday- a somewhat distant cop who is assigned the weird cases and cases having to do with animals. He and fellow cop Reed, come across a mangled mass of trampled flesh in the back of a truck. They find deer hooves, deer hair, and after an autopsy find that the male victim had a boner while he was being attacked. How can this be? Because it's a DEER woman of course.

I was honestly laughing out loud for most of this movie. When Faraday was envisioning the different ways that a deer could somehow be a part of a hook up gone wrong were freaking hysterical. The script, also written by Landis was perfect. Not one cheesy line because the movie as a whole never takes itself completely serious. We get some of Faraday's history but it's not some dull black and white flashback or an entire piece of the story- nor does it fit into some stupid twist that no one cares about. The chemistry and on screen bromance between Faraday and Reed made me physically smile- something I don't like to admit to too often because it's creepy- but whatever I was beaming the whole time ok?! The concept of a deer woman is also very interesting and something highly unusual to base a movie around. It is however the perfect concept to base a short horror movie around- because a half deer half woman murderer is not something you can mess around with longer than 57 minutes without dangerously veering on ludicrosity.

If you are in the mood for a horror movie but are feeling rushed or impatient, go to Netflix and watch this. It's truly a memorable and extremely well done little piece of brillance.

Also classic horror fans keep your eyes peeled for this Cat People homage down below! And this scene is just amazingness on all sorts of levels.


Chris H said...

I'm a big fan of this episode. Some classic Landis moments and if I didn't know he was the director, I may have still been able to guess it was his entry in MOH.

Doruk said...

You forgot to mention An American Werewolf in London ;)

If I remember correctly, that why MJ asked Landis to direct Thriller in the first place.

Andre said...

Ah! so true. I was probably too distracted by the re-realization that he did Animal House. Very good call