Monday, April 18, 2011

3 Things You Should Know

1. Yes the rumors are true. All of Degrassi Junior High is on YouTube.

2. My cat can fit inside of a Yahtzee box. It's a bit snug but she likes it that way because it reminds her of the womb.

3. I have been talking about Lucky McKee's newest film The Woman, for a while now and this weekend I got to finally write up the interviews I did with Lucky and Pollyanna McIntosh who plays the woman in... The Woman.

If you get a chance, give them a read and spread the love for two extremely talented and awesome people. I worked hard on these babies, and I'm not afraid to tell you that I'm proud, that's right PROUD of that work. Read all about how Lucky McKee respects women and how Pollyanna McIntosh grew out her armpit hair for the role. It's not your standard Q&A quick read format, but I guarantee that the things these two say are interesting, funny and insightful. And now is a good a time as any to fine tune those reading skills right?


Jenny Krueger said...

You're cat is so freakin cute! That picture seriously made my day.

deadlydolls said...

1. Great writeup on that interview! You SHOULD be proud!

2. CLONE! Mookie has an affinity for boxes, sad because he's also about 16 lbs. and I have small feet (meaning shoe shopping can actually be dangerous for him on my part). My theory has ALWAYS been that he's been trying his whole life to return to the womb, since he also hides inside bags, closets, and other tight dark places. Also, he sleeps on top of my womb sometimes. Tis strange.

Matt-suzaka said...

Your cat looks A LOT like my cat, Regan (who is named after the Exorcist, not the president, mind you).

Also, I met McKee and he's really tall. Like, taller than me by a lot tall, and I'm a pretty lengthy dude. Look forward to checking out the interviews and it's super super dope that you landed them in the first place!