Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Halloween 2: Good Death Scenes = Less Money for a Decent Looking Wig.

I've never been a big fan of horror sequels--well, sequels that carry on for at least 10 movies anyways. Often we are surprised by sequels that may not serve as the previous film's equivalent, but it still passes as a solid film. Ghostbusters 2 and Wayne's World 2 come to mind...oh and Gremlins 2 hmm-- I guess I was wrong, I love sequels! I've always heard great things about the original Halloween 2, and horrible things about RZ's Halloween 2, so I figured it would be best if I found out for myself what separates these films and then maybe, just maybe I would be able to catch the sequel bug.

Picking up exactly where the first film ended, Halloween 2 follows the indestructible career of Michael Meyers, who withstands bullets and high falls, all in the name of Laurie Strode. After Laurie is rushed to the hospital of which there are no other patients (it's a small town right?), Michael stalks her the best way he knows how. Nurses, doctors, EMT's and ho's are no match for a guy that just won't die.

Well I'm just gonna have to say it---I love this! Who would have thought? The thing about Halloween (the holiday I mean) is that it has an extremely particular atmosphere about it. You always know when it is Halloween because the air has that way about it and that smell. Burning leaves, crisp autumn air and most importantly the deadness that you feel once all the Trick r Treater's are gone. That is exactly the kind of atmosphere portrayed so perfectly in both Halloween and Halloween 2. The little eerie touches of Halloween 2--the kid who had a razor blade in his mouth, the last few Trick r Treaters starting to cause trouble and of course, the girls who are too cool to dress up for a Halloween party.

Perhaps the most exciting thing however was how much more entertaining the death scenes became. I've never been one to go nuts after a good kill, but I really enjoyed these. Not only that- the kills were supplemented by some really gorgeous, deep red blood that I looove.
You know what was really really scary though? When that slut nurse was LICKING Michael's hand. Ugh. I can only imagine where that hand has travelled to and I'm guessing it's number one destination was down his pants. Let's relive the glory shall we?


And then of course we get the wonderful hydrotherapy, ouch this water is too hot, scene.

Which may or may inspire me to do a post called "It's getting hot (two t's) in hurr"...we'll see. This scene was terrific, and begs the question--why don't people just check to make sure it's their lover before engaging in hand fellatio? We've seen this happen twice now-- you assume it's your boyfriend/lover but it's really just Michael hoping to get a little free action before killing some ho's. Come on people it's called double checking!

Well anyways on to more important things like the atrocity that is Jamie Lee Curtis' wig!
Apparently since during filming she had a much shorter haircut- she was given a wig so that viewers wouldn't get confused, since you know this film picks up directly where the first left off. But what I want to know is...who took into consideration the confusion that would ensue when suddenly Michael Meyers looked about 100 pounds lighter and a foot shorter? I demand an explanation! Did the fall instantly stunt his growth? Was he actually carrying pillows underneath his clothes so that if by chance Dr. Loomis shot him, and he fell a few stories--he would be OK?? I demand answers. Wait what, it was just a different actor? Ludicrous.

Another thing I couldn't help but notice was the high volume of needle trauma. I will not post those pictures because I respect people's fears. If someone posted a picture of JAWS without any warning I would be PISSED *cough thanks Chris! : ) But seriously. I guess when things are set in a hospital you expect needles--but that was some up close and personal needle damage. Speaking of needle scenes, when this death was about to happen-
and Michael's face slowly comes into focus, I was actually pretty startled. Believe it or not, I thought that his face was a reflection of mine in the movie screen.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Sure it may not compare to Halloween, but I think it's a pretty decent little flick. It does however start to verge on annoying sequel area---you know where our classic boogeyman becomes less and less terrifying with every movie and more annoying because he just won't frickin' die. Can someone tell me if they ever explain why he cannot die? Anyone?

I did enjoy the final moments that Laurie and Michael had together though.

Don't cry Michael, you'll be back in another sequel soon.


Matt said...

Glad you liked it. Halloween 2 is, in my opinion, the best sequel in the series. Some adamantly defend Halloween IV is the best, though. Michael is shorter here because he's played by Dick Warlock instead of Nick Castle. I think he does a good job maintaining Castle's eeriness despite his stature. Check out the later films and you'll she how crappy Michael's mask becomes and also his mannerisms.

Love that you highlighted the "emerging from the shadows" scene as it's the only one that really bugs me still.

I recommend spending a day to sit through the whole series but don't by any means torture yourself with Zombie's version.

lazlo azavaar said...

I've also been noticing the crapification of Michael's mask for some time now. My guess is that this is because the original was a butchered Capt.Kirk mask, and the subsequent ones were manufactured or perhaps merely purchased.

Andre Dumas said...

I actually read that the mask used in this film- was an exact replica of the original, but because this new guy was a completely different build and body type, his face didn't fill it out as well as original Mikey.

I saw RZ's first Halloween and was mortified, I get that he wanted to do his own thing and that he may be creative but he made a lot of wrong choices, the biggest perhaps focusing too much on Michael's past AND providing a very cookie cutter reason for his evilness. Sigh.

matango said...

I haven't seen beyond Halloween 2, but I think they do end up explaining ho he's unkillable. Something about druids.