Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alien: Jonesy Lives!

My first encounter with the movie Alien came when I was in the 2nd grade and took a lovely ride on Disney's magical movie ride or whatever it's called at MGM. The smoke and the alarm sounds made me extremely unhappy and very very scared. I spent the rest of the ride face down with my eyes and ears closed and missed out on the entire Alien experience. This past March, I went back to Disney and rode the ride again. This time I realized Alien is a really scary movie no matter what age you are. The anticipation that something is going to jump out at you and all that smoke and again with the alarm noise holy crap. So when that part of the movie happened last night I was immediately brought back to that feeling of complete terror and agonizing anticipation.

Alien is by all means a thrilling and terrifying concept. Aliens are rarely seen as our pals or as anything that doesn't drool KY jelly, and this alien is certainly no exception. The movie has been described as Jaws in space and I think it's pretty much true. The sudden appearance of the alien in the air shaft made me scream out loud, and tracking of the alien in that same scene? Holy moses.

The iconic scene is of course the alien bursting through the chest or stomach or wherever scene. It's such a surprise and it's so shocking it may very well be the perfect scene. You had to know not everything was going to be ok though. I mean the guy had an alien face hugger thing attached to his head for hours. And by the way if people had only listened to Ripley and not let the guy back on the ship in the first place no one would be in the given situation. But what fun would that be?

I was positive that Jones the cat was dead like 20 times, but much to my shock and happiness Jonesy lives well and prospers. Thank god. Honestly if I had to watch another horror movie where a cat died I was going to fling myself out of a window. Thank god cats are treated well in space.

So my one qualm with this movie- well maybe not qualm....perhaps the thing that really made me uncomfortable was the aliens legs! I don't know just made him look so human and so weird. Kind of like how when I notice a normal sized Jawa from Star's just weird. And i'm not sure how else aliens are suppose to get around but his legs were just really weird to me.

Now apart from the legs, that scene where everything is fine and dandy and Ripley and Jonesy are safe and sound in their escape I mean I guess I knew something else had to go wrong because there was still 15 minutes left, but really mr. alien you think now is a good time for a nap? Ripley really lucked out there. Good thing she stripped down to her undies for her final showdown. But all joking aside, Alien is a real tension filled movie, and nearly perfect in my opinion.

And my own personal favorite Alien spoof.

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