Tuesday, September 1, 2009

13 Ghosts: Does She Realize That An All Glass House Equals An Everyone Sees You Naked All the Time House?

So I pretty much only like this movie because of the ghosts and the makeup and stuff. And before you ask, yes, I have seen the original but these ghosts are so much more fun...! Especially naked ones in bloody bath water!

The story is a little weird. Cyrus is a ghost hunter and actually physically catches ghosts. But not just ghosts....evil murderous nasty mean ghosts- and one nice one. Cyrus needs to capture the 13 ghosts of the black zodiac to fuel his "house" that is really an eye of hell....which is apparently also created by the devil- he's a pretty decent architect that devil!

Cyrus supposedly dies in the beginning trying to catch the Juggernaut and his house is left to his nephew, Tony Shalhoub who's daughter is also known as the naked foreign chick from American Pie. The family is delighted by the sight of the sprawling, all glass mansion. Personally I don't see the appeal but I guess anything is better than where they used to live. So they get a tour, and we soon start meeting some of these ghosts. The catch is- only the people wearing the special glasses can see the ghosts. The ghosts come out one by one every time another door is unlocked or a spell chanted or something whacky.

So that's enough of that summary. I think what I enjoy most about this movie is the kind of backstory behind each ghost and it's traumatic previous life. After I saw this for the first time I was convinced that the black zodiac really existed. Turns out-it doesn't. BUT there are a bunch of sites still devoted to it and give a very detailed description of each ghost.

My favorite ghost is probably the angry princess- but that's just because I like artfully positioned blood. I don't see why she has to be naked but whatever. I just really like how the picture changes from normal bathroom to post suicidal bathroom.

Ooooh she's so angry!

Then of course there is the Jackal- which I think is the creepiest and scariest looking thing I've ever seen.

Yeah that box isn't doing anything for him. Seeing that thing come out of nowhere is the scariest thing about this movie....and maybe the only scary thing.

Then the ghost with the best makeup is most def the Hammer

Well I think it's decent anyways.

Of course the movie itself isn't very good, and Matthew Lillard only gets more annoying with every movie he does. Plus there's a terrible and embarrasing rap performed by the nanny, Rah Digga during the credits. I just love those ghosts though!

Here are the rest of them ghosts.

The Torso

The Pilgrimess

The Juggernaut

The Great Child and the Dire Mother

The Torn Prince

The First Born Son

The Bound Woman

The Withered Lover

Well that's that.

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