Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grace: I'm Never Breast Feeding.

After watching Baby Blues I thought I would be prepared for some politically incorrect choices of subjects but boy did I think wrong. Grace is such a disturbingly great film and really knows how to make a person- or woman I should say, cringe.

A crazy vegan obsessed woman and her husband are pregnant with their first child after 2 miscarriages. They have a midwife instead of a doctor- much to the dismay of the husband's uptight mother, and everything seems to be going well. One day the wife has chest pains and it's a close call but the baby is OK. On the way home they get into an accident-killing the husband and what seems like the baby.

The wife decides to deliver naturally and not induce and when it's finally time it's a truly heartbreaking event. A dead baby is a really really horrible looking thing. I was honestly more put off by the dead baby then I have ever been by anything I've seen in a film. Anyways. Much like in Little Otik the baby comes alive with the nourishment of her mother's teat! Nobody thinks it's too weird and baby Grace goes home with her mother.

So come to find out the midwife was once the wife's lesbian lover and the blood tests were all fine after the delivery. Things are great. That is until Grace starts really really REALLY sucking on her mother's teat. Grace soon gains an affinity for the taste of her mother's blood. The woman isn't too worried but Grace's thirst only gets stronger.

So when I saw the posters for this movie I thought it was going to be more along the lines of It's Alive! or the Omen or some movie where the baby is really evil and kills people. Turns out this isn't really the case. Grace while addicted to blood- isn't really that malevolent. The mother is actually the crazy and deadly one! Who knew?!

There are so many great things going on in this movie making it a real pleasure to watch. The flies in the nursery for one completely freaked me out. And all the fly paper! The part where she's in the toy store looking all pale and stuff and then boom nasty blood out of the va-jay. And then of course the ultimate terror trip- BLOODY NIPPLES ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Is this how guys feel when they watch the Last House on the Left???? I really had a hard time with that- and that last shot at the end WOW a baby is never sucking on my teat I can tell you that right now. Also, I loved how drastically the mom went from being a vegan obsessed maniac to willingly filling up her baby's bottle with cow blood. Her degradation is really prominent and really scary in this.

The only problems I had were the ending- kind of like....a big plot hole and I really would have liked to know how they accomplished that little feat. Also was Grace a dead baby, is that why flies swarmed her room and she smelled weird? There isn't a whole lot of explanation and in most cases that works well but I would have liked to seen a little bit of an explanation- not a huge and lame one- but just a little something.

Other than that a real surprisingly good movie and one not to be missed.

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Bobby Bless said...

this kinda reminded me of a dead baby joke where a lady gives birth and the doctor punts the baby out the window. the woman gasps and the doctor laughs and says, "april fools, the baby was dead already." typing the joke just doesn't do the joke justice.

Andre Dumas said...

ahahahaha No, no that is pretty good.

Unknown said...

This looks good! I just added to my want list. Thanks and I really enjoy reading your blog.

Andre Dumas said...

Thank you! I don't think you'll be disappointed!