Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Demons: In the Fight Against Demons and Pimps, I Would Have Guessed the Pimp Would Win.

After watching Demons for the first time, I am definitely glad I ate my delicious meal of shake n bake chicken before popping this one in. The gore is extreme here- but it is also a lot of fun to watch. And being written and produced by Dario Argento it automatically wins my heart. The film does lack Argento's usual style of beautiful shots however and I guess that's where the whole he only produced it bit comes in but it's a very entertaining movie regardless.

So plot plot plot. The plot is, a weird guy in a silver terminator mask thing is handing out free passes to some newly opened movie theater. A large crowd shows up and they all vary in their level of annoyance. There's the pimp and his two hoes that just can't shut up, the woman who cheats on her blind husband while sitting next to him, an ugly girl and her uglier boyfriend making out, and a rude husband or maybe it was her father who constantly tells his wife to shut up. The movie starts and soon all hell breaks loose. One by one the movie goers start turning into evil demon creatures that are thirsty for blood and a manicure.

The way that the teeth protrude out of those gums and those crazy long disgusting fingernails?! It was pretty mind boggling. I could have done without the green slime that the demons spit out but maybe I'm just picky. The dialogue as usual in these semi dubbed italian horror movies was pretty embarrassing but good because I feel better when I find something to laugh about in an obviously disturbing movie.

Like I said before the gore is to the max in this one. For the time it was made the special effects are actually pretty realistic and surprisingly nauseating. The part when the demon pulls off that girls hair and exposes her brain causes quite the gag reflex, and when that one guy spews all his puss and liquids over the ugly girl...sick man. Just sick. My favorite part hands down was the show down with the pimp and the demons. I just love how he whips out that switchblade and starts stabbing the crap out of those demons. Too bad his success was so short lived. Pimps always disappoint.

I definitely could have done without the coke addicts in the car as they served no purpose except to get in a gratuitous nipple slip. But the music that is played throughout is entirely appropriate and it really made me happy to see crazy demons running around to Billy Idol and AC DC songs.

All in all, a pretty awesome movie that I can only assume has a tremendous cult following. Definitely not for the faint of heart.


NoWhere MaN said...

I know you don't wanna give too much away for anyone who's reading this and never saw the movie but that ending is so over the top it's amazing! haha. This is one of my fave Italian horror movies.

Andre Dumas said...

Haha actually I do have a habit of giving things away but sometimes I find that if you do know the ending you want to watch it even more. But yes the ending was insane and I was kind of prepared for that last moment but not really. Ok yeah I screamed a little out loud no biggie

BRENT said...

I saw both Demons movies on video in 1988 and they were the scariest horrors I had ever seen. Besides The Evil Dead there had been nothing like it seen up to that time.
I watched them again for only the second time the other night. They have lost the scariness as they have dated, but I will state unhesitantly that the Demons films were the scariest films of the 80's, Evil Dead being the only exception. All else pailed in comparison.
Still fun though and I think the second one the better of the two.