Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Strangers: Who Knew A Burlap Sack That Looks Like a Baseball Would Be So Scary?

Call me a macho woman- but screaming out loud in a horror movie is usually a big deal for me. Perhaps it was merely because I was surrounded by my friends who were also freaking out- or because it was just geniuely really scary but whatever the reason, I was screaming for a good hour of this movie.

Liv Tyler has rejected her boyfriend's proposal but they decide to have a nice night at a rustic house in the middle of nowhere anyways. Pretty awkward if you ask me. It's not long before there is a knock at the door and a meek woman's voice asks if Tamara home. The woman's voice is so eerily airy and out of it you just know something is up. Not to mention the door is especially heavy so when anyone knocks it's like the devil pounding on your soul. That was pretty deep if I do say so myself.

Sooo the boyfriend leaves for some reason I forget and Liv is by herself, and for some reason decides to play the creepiest most terrifying song that obviously foreshadows the future and is a omen to NOT GO OUTSIDE. This is the song but don't pay attention to the annoying pictures and speech bubbles.

Honestly. It's like the most scared I've ever been. To be listening to this song and then seeing that baseball burlap sack guy suddenly be in the house. And the writing on the windows with lipstick and their creepy masks and everything about this movie just really freaked me out. I pretty much had trouble looking outside my window at night because I just knew a scary woman in a scary mask would be standing in the woods ready to kill me.

I think home invasion horror movies are very scary for the simple reason that most people feel that if they are safe inside their house then nothing can get them. Our homes are our private place to go and escape from the outside world and when those havens are compromised what else do we have? Going outside? DON'T GO OUTSIDE. But sometimes you just can't help it. Although I will say people need to stop building houses that are miles and miles away from any contact with other people- Yeah I'm talking to you Drew Barrymore's parents in Scream.

So like I said I truly think this is the best current horror movie to come out in a long long time- except maybe for The Orphanage.

The ending is so heartbreaking and so awful and you really can feel the terror that exists there. Also not knowing a single thing about these "strangers" makes the movie even more terrifying. And I just know they will come out with a Strangers 2 that will explain their backstories and motives and shit and that will be a huge mistake. The less explanation we get the scarier they are. It's like Billy in Black Christmas- we can put the pieces together and make a scarier assumption that is a million times better than some crappy eye gouging obsessive remake. ENOUGH WITH THE REMAKES.

Ok. I've had my say. Scariest movie I've seen in a really really really long time. Screamed the whole way, and I still cower in a corner when I see the picture of the three of them standing there.

Oh and FYI this is NOT based on a true story so don't get your hopes up. True story or not, this is some really terrifying shit.

Ok I just watched this trailer again and literally got goosebumps. Nightmares tonight. Ballz.


sweetreviewer@Thehorrorpress said...

Great Review, I have to agree this movie is pretty scary just the thought of it happening in real life it's what scares me the most. And of course.. the record playing those songs...

izzy said...

sooooooooooooooooo SCARY! i dont even remember the end because i think i blocked it out.. i just remember i was hiding behind a couch pillow for most of it. good call!