Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Otik: I Guess I Can Forget About My Dream To Have a Baby Tree Stump.

Little Otik is a Czech horror movie that can only be described as a constant shifty eye/what the fuck is going on/this is amazing.

A husband and a wife cannot conceive, and the wife is getting increasingly depressed. The husband hallucinates babies being sold in the market like fish-netted out of a tank, weighed and finally wrapped in newspaper. He even one day halluncinates seeing a newborn baby inside of a watermelon he had just cut open. He finally feels so bad for his wife that he one day finds a tree stump that kind of looks like a baby. He decides to trim it up a bit and give it to his wife as a present.

The wife is ecstatic. The husband really did a number on that tree stump- the penis is pretty spot on and the wife becomes obsessed with it. She immediately begins putting baby clothes on it, and powdering it's tree bum. The husband is a little freaked out and lets be honest, who wouldn't be freaked out by a stump baby? Then again he is also to blame for finding the tree stump...I mean what did he really want to accomplish there?

Anyways- the wife is so obsessed she devises a way for people to think she is pregnant by stuffing a pillow under her clothes and pretending she is a preggers. She soon gets antsy and "delivers" the baby a month early. Her husband drops her off at their house in the woods and returns in a week. When he comes in he finds his wife breast feeding the tree stump. And let me be straight here- that tree stump is 100% sucking her teat. No joke.

The tree stump is completely alive. And really really hungry. It has a mouth full of adult teeth and sometimes has an eye instead of the teeth...yeah I was a little confused there too.

So turns out Little Otik is a bit of a cannibal. He has an insatiable hunger and it's not long before he starts eating the family cat, the postman and a social worker. The neighbors soon become suspicious and the parents must solve the problem but their insane love for the stump gets in the way.

So what I think is the creepiest part of this movie is the way that Little Otik moves once he is alive. It totally reminds me of the way parts of Beetlejuice are- that creepy claymation thing it's just bah almost as upsetting as weird puppets to me. Little Otk before he is animated is also scary....maybe it's the mouth or the twig penis or his overall stance or I guess just that a woman could be that obsessed with a tree stump. It's all very strange and very cool.

OH I know what it is....Little Otik looks like a Link as a deku scrub.....genius.

The best scene for me was when Little Otik ate the social worker and all the blood and body parts came flying at the door. I also liked when she found the brain stewing in a pot. Although we never find out what animal that brain belonged to or why the parents felt the need to cook it but oh well. And although you may think I would flip out about the cat being eaten-I really strangely wasn't that upset about it. Maybe because it was a little more comical.

Overall the movie is really nuts. There are so many great juxtapositions of gross food and different scenes cutting away into that it's really awesome. And all the baby hallucinations in the beginning are just completely insane and amazing at the same time.

The only problem is that the movie is a little too long. It's like 2 hours and 20 minutes so my attention span kind of waned there at the end. The ugly little girl could also be a downside and the pervy old man is really gross. But mostly I enjoyed myself throughout and it reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors and all that greatness. But seriously tree stumps babies? Bad idea.


Imposter Jason said...

I tried to watch this one back when I was watching a bunch of fairy tale-themed horror movies and I just couldn't get into it. I think the whole idea of this bizarre Pinocchio baby is great, but the movie was a little too out there for me and it couldn't keep my attention. And it's like you said the length was a bit much and it came into play as far as deciding if I wanted to stick it out or not. Maybe I'll give it another try some day!

Andre Dumas said...

Yeah I totally agree. I actually liked the first part where little Otik wasn't a real human eating baby better. I think that part was scarier because you saw how crazy this woman became and how obsessed she was with the stump baby. Like I always say, nothing is scarier than a crazy person. And to be honest I kind of fast forwarded a bit to get to the end!