Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alice Sweet Alice: People Really Need To Start Being Nicer To Cats.

I was so excited to watch this because it seemed like a really underrated great horror movie that I would really like. And......I was right! This movie definitely reminds me of Don't Look Now and has bright red blood AND some really great camera angles and shots. The only problem is the rough handling of a kitten but I guess I'll let it slide.

Turns out-Alice isn't so sweet. She's one of those really mean little girls that push people into little rooms, and put peoples coats in the toliet and keep jars with cockroaches in them. I'd say she's only a small step away from turning into a Samara. Her sister Brook Shields gets all the attention. She is a favorite of the priest father Tom, and obviously is the favorite child of her mother. Alice likes to wear creepy flesh colored masks which- in case you aren't aware of it are much more creepy then regular masks. Trust me.


So at Brooke Shields' first communion, she gets killed, stuffed into a bench thing and lit on fire. People suspect Alice because she is conviently missing at the time of the murder and arrives right after it-holding her sisters veil. Her mother isn't having it. And one day after a tiff with her aunt, Alice goes downstairs, heckles the fat man who like cats, and plays in the basement. The aunt soon leaves and on her way down the stairs gets stabbed in the legs by a person in a yellow raincoat and flesh colored mask. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Alice is suspected and held at a mental institution type place. But we soon find the murders continue with the same person in the yellow raincoat and flesh colored mask....! How can this be?! As we learn more and more about the killer and their motives the movie only becomes more complex and I still have several questions and thoughts that won't go away.

The killer's motive first of all does make sense to me. Mostly. But I still think Alice stabbed the aunt. I think this because of two things; first off, the killer's motive doesn't match up with why she would kill the aunt, and secondly the stabber didn't kill the aunt. The stabs seemed more to hurt rather than to kill. This is why I think Alice had to have been a part of this particular incidient. Anyone else agree?

The rest makes sense- sins and killing people who have sinned. The crazy lady and John Doe from Se7en should really get together sometime.

The things I love most about this movie is how creepy Alice is. And how- very much like every character Vincent Price has ever played- we have a hard time truly trusting her. There's that sweet angelic music every now and then, and you're all like, why does she own so many creepy flesh colored masks then she's all like strangling kittens and shit. It's nuts.

Also I love the blood. The blood flows really nicely in this in that it has more of a purpose than just a slasher movie. The blood is almost artfully placed and flowed and it really makes some of these shots really beautiful. The best one has to be the ending murder. Such a surprise- and then she holds him tight and the blood pours out in these little rivers over the top of the raincoat, I was really just blown away. And also the scene where the fatty gets stabbed and we see his bloody hand in the now bloody fish bowl.

Gah I just really liked this movie. It was suspenseful, surprising and really kept you on edge. You don't know what to think about Alice and what her deal is- and every time the flesh colored mask pops up it scares you just as much as the first time you saw it. It's really a powerful object. So definitely watch this if you haven't- a real diamond in the rough if you will.

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Unknown said...

kick-ass, I wrote about this films NJ links in a post I'll be publishing during The Halloween Countdown...are you in on that?

Andre Dumas said...

hmmmm no I dont think I am. Now that I think of it I still need an amazing Halloween costume and time is running out...ballz.

Anonymous said...

Alice Sweet Alice is disturbing. The overweight man who keeps cats is stabbed which I found disturbing. This movie resembles The Bad Seed and Kiss of the Tarantula. Alice is evil.

Unknown said...

Loved this film! My little sister and I used to watch this film every day after school-explains a lot ;)

It really is a film that gets under your skin!

Anonymous said...

Alice was not the killer!
She did not kill her sister and she did not stab her aunt....If you paid attention you would know this.

Anonymous said...

The idea is that maybe she did some of it since it was ambiguous and the end made Alice seem guilty of something