Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Silence of the Lambs: What? No One Else Is Creeped Out By the Guy With the Lazy Eye?

And yet again another movie that is not only a genius horror movie but a fantastic movie as well. This movie is on TV about oh everyday or so and I will sit down and watch it whenever I get the chance. There are so many great things going on that I'm not sure I'll be able to fit it all in. I can watch it over and over again and still be in awe every single time.

Clarice Starling is training to be an FBI agent when she is pulled from her training to do a special assignment. She has to interview a serial killer named Dr. Hannibal Lecter to see if he can provide the FBI with clues as to newly sought after serial killer, Buffalo Bill. Buffalo Bill's victims are found in water with a portion of their skin cut off and all are heavy set women. So Clarice is now apart of two serial killers lives and it can only get more interesting.

Lecter provides Clarice with mysterious clues and puzzles to help her find out the identity of Buffalo Bill. Lecter is attracted to Clarice but not in a sexual way. Rather, he seems to deeply appreciate her and understand what makes her who she is. Anthony Hopkins is at times unnerving with his calm and collected manner, but I still seem to find him somewhat alluring. He is a genius, not just because he is a former psychologist but because he seems to just know everything. So he eats people so what? I love the guy.

Buffalo Bill on the other there is a true whack job. He is a sexually confused man with some kind of speech impediment or maybe he's just half dumb. He likes to dress in drag and tuck in his junk and dance in the front of the mirror. The most memorable of his scenes of course being the "lotion in the basket" scene which I have included at the end if you've never seen it.

There are so many beautifully artistic scenes in this, my favorite albeit gross is when Hannibal attacks the two police officers and the other guards find one of the cops disemboweled and strung across the jail cell looking like some kind of terrible butterfly (fitting when you think of the motif of the moth or butterfly that runs throughout the film). Lecter's entire escape actually is amazing and so well thought out. Not to say that I am thinking about escaping from a prison anytime soon but just wow.

Then there's the ending. When Clarice gets the call that the FBI have found Buffalo Bill and yet she still goes to talk to one more person who may know something and that person is Buffalo Bill. Then the moment the moth flies in and she realizes that this is Buffalo Bill. Then the lights go off and Buffalo Bills night vision goggles kick on and you see everything from his point of view, his hand practically touching her head. ahhhh it's probably the most suspenseful scene in cinematic history.

This is certainly a classic and it turns conventions on its head as the iconic "killer" Hannibal Lecter isn't the true killer of the movie, he actually is more helpful than detrimental. So please see this if you haven't. It's a staple in movie history.

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