Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't Investigate Bird Noises in The Attic When Your Town Is Being Invaded By Killer Birds.

The Birds is another movie I was exposed to at a young age. While it didn't really make me afraid of birds it did open my eyes further to the delights of Alfred Hitchcock. Birds are a great villain when you think about it. All those different species and flocks are striving for the wipeout of the human species. AND they can fly. pffffft amazing.

Melanie comes to Bodega Bay and meets Mitch, who buys lovebirds for his daughter. All is well until the birds start acting a bit strange. Nipping people at random and different flocks hanging out together? What is this madness?!

The Birds is a classic. If you're a Hitchcock newbie, Psycho and the Birds should be your first stop. The ending scenes in the house are pure terror. Melanie's scene in the attic, and the eventual escape from Bodega Bay are nail biting.

However, the best scene hands down is the school yard scene. Watch how Melanie smokes her cigarette while the crows start amassing slowly behind her. It's pure art. Once she realizes what is happening she attempts to get the kids to safety. The birds are not down with this idea and hysteria ensues. I can't find a good clip of it on youtube. So here is this little teaser trailer instead. It shows the madness of the situation in more than one way.

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