Saturday, July 25, 2009

Poltergeist: No One Cares About Robbie.

Poltergeist is one of my top 5 favorite movies and horror movies of all time. It's such a great movie I don't think I can talk about it without having a heart attack. Where to begin......

Poltergeist tells the story of a family haunted by spirits in their surburban home. Their daughter Carol Anne especially attracts the ghosts to the point that they actually come and take her into their world. To get her back, the family contacts paranormal investigators and undergo some truly horrific experiences.

Sure there are the iconic scenes of the clown attacking Robbie, the evil tree taking him from the window, and of course the famous line "They're here" but I am also drawn to the incredible acting of Jo Beth Williams and some other not so noticed scenes that I find truly amazing.

One of my fave scenes is right after Carol Anne disappears and Craig T Nelson gets interviewed by the paranormal investigator. We only hear his voice and immediately notice how different he has become since his daughter's disappearance. The camera slowly begins to pan across the table and finally we get a look at him. The horror that the family has experienced is clearly drawn upon his face. Huge bags under his eyes, wide terrified eyes, the hysteria is just spelled out. I loove it.

My other favorite scene is when JoBeth Williams faces the hallway where at the end her children are screaming in their room. The camera produces the illusion of the hallway getting further and further away and you just get such a tremendous feeling of hopelessness. Then Jobeth's motherly grizzly kicks into high gear and she flies through the hallway, the music pounding out her footsteps. GAH it's brilliant. Whenever I'm in a hotel and I'm faced with a similiar hallway I like to run full speed down it just to relive the moment.

All of the family scenes are just done so well. You really feel the emotion pouring out of them as they hear Carol Anne's voice, the relief when Zelda tells them she is alive in the house and the sheer terror when she tells them who is in there with her.

I could on and on for years but the point is, this is one of the best. Whether it scares you or not it is truly a classic film that remains imbedded in your mind one way or another. Please Please watch it.

Here is one of many of JoBeth's amazing scenes.


Chris Mollo said...

I absolutely love this blog! I'm a big horror movie fan and you've reviewed some gems here. I've seen Waxwork and it's not half bad. And Poltergeist, well, that may be one of the greatest of all time. Nice job!

Stacey Pokorney said...

Hi, Andre,
Just found your website last week as I was surfing the web and learning about soon-to-be updates to The Stand and The Shining (JOY-GASM!) Love your blog, keep up the great work!

Poltergeist kept me in nightmare mode for MONTHS. The clown doll scene and the hallway scene were my two favorite scares, but by FAR the best scene in this movie is at the end, when the family checks in to a hotel and ditches the TV!

Has anyone noticed that this movie is the fruition of the possibilities that lay underneath the Overlook Hotel? Had the Hotel in The Shining succeeded in sucking in Danny, might he also have suffered a similar fate to Carol Ann? I know, I know, no TVs in The Shining. But it is fun for a horror fan to digest...

Bryan said...

One of my favorite movies. And its true. All the scary stup happens to the boy. The kitchen scene with the meat and sink are great as well. Every time I'm in a hotel with a large hallway, I can't help but think of the movie.

Also, There are alot of funny lines, even in really tense moments.

Anonymous said...

Funny I was just watching it and thinking how as soon as they get their son out of the tree they pretty much forget about him! kid was just pulled out of his room and eaten by a tree and all they want to do is go get his sister. Poor kid :p