Monday, July 27, 2009

The Exorcist: If My Mother Did Suck Cocks In Hell I Wouldn't Want That Bitch To Tell Me.

Who doesn't like the Exorcist? It's a favorite horror movie of many and yet some people find it to be the funniest movie out there. I like to believe that this is because people are absolutely terrified but are too afraid to admit it. Usually when people are uncomfortable with something they play it off as laughing. I honestly cannot believe that there are people who are not terrified when they watch this movie. You are lying if you are not affected by it.

While it is a bit funny when the demon swears and shouts obscenities, there is always that voice in your head when you are like...oh. my. fucking. god.

Imagine if you will, going to the movie theater in 1973. Virtually nothing like this movie has ever been seen before. You settle in and try to figure out what could possibly be wrong with Regan. Then all of a sudden she starts forcing a crucifix violently into her nether regions shouting out to fuck jesus and then pushes her mothers head into her bloody crotch. Religious people probably fainted. In fact I think many people did faint during the pre screen and it wasn't long before the theaters started offering "Exorcist barf-bags". People were going berserk.

I first encountered this movie when my older sister was having a sleepover with her friends. I snuck behind the couch and slowly peered around it to get a glimpse. As soon as I heard that demonic voice for the first time I flipped a shit and high tailed it out of there. I didn't try to watch it again until it was on TV one night. Watching it was perhaps a terrible mistake as I spent the whole rest of the night not being able to fall asleep because I was convinced that a demon was going to possess me too.

So there isn't much else I can really say about this other than it is a staple in any horror movie fans itinerary. The effects and the language and pretty much everything were so groundbreaking for it's time that it still baffles many people. The thing that still freaks me out is that demonic face that pops up every now and then. Lets see if I can find a picture....ah yes here it is.

So whenever I'm scared about something this face always pops into my mind. This picture combined with a picture of Jaws are the two that will make my heart jump into my throat. I don't even know why it's so scary but I don't see why it has to randomly flash on the screen without any warning. A-holes. I read somewhere that many people thought those flashes to be a form of subliminal messaging. Of course for it to be subliminal the images would have to be shown to you below your level of awareness. And call me crazy but I am most definitely aware that I am being shown that image, Thanks. So here is a compilation of all the great scenes and all of their uncomfortableness. Enjoy and be terrified.

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Bobby Bless said...

you already know what i think of this movie... :)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite films.

BRENT said...

This is the greatest horror of all time. Period. No argument!
No other horror has had audiences leaving theatres screaming or puking up in terror.
It has it all, blood, gore, demonic possession, horror and just plain straight scariness....oh...and horror!
This the bench mark horror movie. Reagan's head turning through 360 is THE iconic horror movie scene. Nothing comes close to its creepiness or sheer terror.
It is certainly a landmark film that was totally original in its day.It is also one of the rarest of films in that it is far superior to the book.
In one word, terrifying.

Anonymous said...

The Exorcist has several noteworthy scenes such as the prologue in northern Iraq where the statue of the demon Pazuzu is shown and Father Karrass nightmare where he sees his elderly mother in a subway station and runs to her and is unable to reach her as she disappears. A falling crucifix is shown. The nightmare is showing helplessness and failure. The 1974 Beyond the Door also about demonic possession has a remake by Ovidio Assonitis who made the original movie.