Thursday, July 30, 2009

The People Under the Stairs: Where Ving Rhames Doesn't Kick Anyone's Ass...Sad Day.

If you've never heard of this movie you must rent it/ watch it on netflix ASAP. I am pretty confident in saying that this is the most fucked up family in horror movie history. Even the Firefly family doesn't make me cringe as much, heck they ARE pretty badass. This is a Wes Craven original- written, produced and directed and Ving Rhames is in it so if that doesn't sell you I'm not sure what will.

Poindexter (Fool) has learned that his family is being evicted from their "house" (crack den apartment) because they were 3 days late paying the rent. Their landlords require 3 months rent if you are late and Fool's family does not have the money. Faced with being put out on the street, Fool joins his sister's "friend" (pimp?) in a plot to rob their rich landlord.

The scene changes off and on again to the landlords. You may recognize Alice...It's A.J. Langer from My So Called Life as the daughter of Mother and Father Robeson. As Mrs. Robeson comes to collect Alice's dinner plate she flips out because the fork is gone. Alice pretends like she is looking for it while a white and long nailed hand comes out of the vent and gives it to her. Mrs. Robeson calls in Daddy Robeson and she tells him that Alice has been "feeding that thing inside the walls again". Daddy slowly gets his belt out..... creepy creeps.

So back to the big plan. Ving Rhame's accomplice poses as a muncipal worker and enters the house. But he never returns! Fool and Ving head inside and are corner by viscous dogs. The house is secured like none they've seen and offers a truly creepy vibe.

Skipping ahead a bit Ving Rhames is killed and Fool falls down the basement stairs. What he finds in the basement walls are hundreds of people. White faced some missing tongues, others eyes, and some even their ears. Sensing a pattern? Ma and Pa Robeson aren't married, they are brother and sister who have a habit of adopting children. If the children hear evil, see evil or speak evil they are given the appropriate punishment and forced to live in the basement under the stairs.

There is a lot more to the plot but you need to watch it or it won't be as wonderfully hysterical and unbelievable. Mr and Mrs Robeson are the creepiest craziest fucked up people I have ever seen. When Mr. Robeson runs around the house wearing some kind of bondage suit yielding a shotgun you know it's going to be a great piece of entertainment.

I think what draws me to this movie is that the atmosphere of the house reminds me of a nightmare. One of those nightmares where you are trapped and continously hiding from someone, and you keep having the dream over and over again. Something about the derelict walls and poor Alice being trapped inside the house really just makes me shudder.

The movie is also good for many many laughs, and there is plenty of blood for those in dire need of it. Also That Thing You Do fans can look forward to two cast members making cameos...Del Paxton and the "fan"

Here is a clip where fool is trying to escape from the shotgun of Mr. Robeson. I think the whole movie is on Youtube as well so you can watch it right this minute...which you should.

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