Friday, July 24, 2009

Les DiaboIiques: Need To Get Me Some of Those Contacts.

Just finished watching this for the second time. Number 49 on Bravo's list is a classic suspense thriller. Black & white with no blood and still a great horror movie. The film tells the story of the wife and mistress (who are friends) who kill the abusive and douche bag husband. Things go wrong however when the body doesn't turn up, and the husband starts making dry cleaning appointments. The movie quickly veers into a mystery, how can the husband possibly be alive? 

The movie culminates in the famous scene that Bravo highlights on their countdown. It's surprising and suspenseful and I imagine I too would die of a heart attack if it happened to me. Not that I kill people or anything..

If you love Hitchcock, foreign movies, and tasteful horror films this is the one for you.  Keep an eye out for the pool scene, and the funny moments scattered brilliantly throughout. Also Nicole looks like Rizzo from Grease. Here is that famous final scene...

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