Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waxwork: I Can't Believe She Ate That!

My latest exploration of the Free Movies section on OnDemand, yielded this gem. I can't remember how I heard about it, possibly when I was reading up on the Evil Dead trilogy. Anywho, the movie stars Zach Galligan who is also our hero everyone's favorite movie Gremlins (and Gremlins 2 obviously).

The movie follow college students as they are invited to a creepy Wax Museum at midnight for a party. Big red flag there. Yeah I'll go to the wax museum party sure. yeeeah right. But all judgement aside. The students enter and two of them mistakenly go through the rope and end up actually in the display, and dead. Our first victim gets bitten by a werewolf and killed by the hunter, and our second gets carried away to the happy land of vampires. Once they die in the alternate world they magically become the victim in the display. The vampire scene is actually not so bad. I enjoyed the white tiled room and all the blood, quite fun quite fun. So our hero, Gremlins lad, starts getting suspicious and pulls out his friend Sarah who seems to be fond of S&M. They soon learn from Gremlins' grandfathers friend in a wheelchair that the owner of the wax museum is into black magic and once all the displays have claimed a victim they will all come alive and take the world for themselves. So they must burn the place down.

The final scene is truly classic, especially when the wheelchair guy bursts through the doors in his newly tank decorated wheelchair. The movie is pretty much a comedy horror, and it was extremely funny. I think it's more of a comedy than a horror actually and it was pretty entertaining at that. Cult horror movie fans unite, here is the beginning of the Vampire scene.

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