Thursday, November 5, 2009

Way To Go Moments in Horror History; Glen Lantz

Way To Go Glen Lantz

All Glen Lantz had to do in A Nightmare on Elm Street was stay awake. Nancy could do it for  nights on end, but the second Glen is given any important responsibility like say, staying awake- he just had to cozy up in bed with his headphones on, watch some TV and fall asleep. It's just too damn bad he didn't take to heart all those crazy things Nancy was telling him. Unfortunately for him those crazy things were true. Although he is the only person in the world to know what it feels like to get sucked into your mattress and turned to liquid by an immortal child rapist, so I guess that's worth something. 

Glen Lantz easily could have surpassed that whole blood geyser thing if he had only listened to Nancy. Also let's not forget that Glen also fell asleep when he was suppose to keep an eye on Nancy and wake her up if she was struggling. No thanks to Glen, Nancy almost got skewered by the Fredd-meister. I mean how hard is it to pull a Jessie Spano, buck up on the caffeine pills and stay awake?
Way to go Glen Lantz. I hope your parents had a fun time removing all those blood stains. 


Shaky Jake said...

Ha! Goddamn Johnny Depp can't even handle a simple task like not sleeping. This is why I simply can't trust a Depp character in most films. Too unreliable.

Anyways, you're terrific and your blog is equally terrific. Please keep doing what you're doing!

- Shaky Jake

Andre Dumas said...

He is one slippery fellow. He's also been responsible for being mean to mentally ill children, allowing kids to be turned into blueberries, and who can forget that little stint of popping a whole in that water mattress....tsk tsk

Stewie said...

These 'Way to Go Moments' are awesome. And hot damn, very nice Jessie reference.

Deidre said...

I'm sooo excited. I'm soooo exciiiiited. I'm so.....scared!!

Andre Dumas said...

hahah yesssssss!