Sunday, November 1, 2009

Way to Go Moments In Horror History

Way to Go Karen Barclay

I know Andy is a ridiculously cute kid and all. I mean he did make you breakfast in bed albeit burnt toast with 5 pounds of butter- but he's really not cute enough to get exactly what he wants. Just because he wants a creepy Good Guy's doll for his birthday doesn't mean he should get one! Let the kid learn about the importance of money- heck, give him a piggy bank so he can buy it himself. All I'm saying is, he should have been happy with his Good Guy's tool set and gone on with his life.

But no no- let's buy a Good Guy's doll from the DIRTIEST homeless man I have ever seen, or else Andy will cry and make that cute little pouty face! Forget  germs that doll probably has HEPATITIS B. And to add insult to injury- you Karen, bought your son the only Good Guy's doll possessed by a serial killer! That takes some serious talent. Way to go Karen. Andy will never be able to look at a Good Guy's doll the same ever again. 


aunt john said...

Karen Barclay is one savvy shopper, and having recently been guilted into attending my nephew's Christening... I might just take a page from Karen's book and go gift shopping on skid row.

Andre Dumas said...

Yikes. Just as long as you check the package to make sure it's not possessed by a serial killer I suppose it's OK.