Monday, November 9, 2009

More Scary Moments

The Craft

My friends and I had an unhealthy and embarrassing relationship with this movie. This included using food coloring instead of real blood to do the I drink to my sisters ritual, and a butter knife to do the knife against the throat thing. Yeah those were the days. The first time I saw this movie I was so scared of Nancy that I couldn't sleep. That image of her pointy witch boots floating across the floor? Egads! Do you know what that does to a 5th grader?! 

I've watched this movie millions of times and I still cannot figure out exactly why that scene scares me the way it does. Fuck those boots man. I think it's the pointy-ness. And I don't like when people float. Plus Nancy is too pale and scary. Whatever the reason, whenever I watch that scene my heart beats a little too fast for comfort, and those spiders in the end scene don't help anything. I still have those nights when I get scared about something, close my eyes and see those fucking boots!

Despite all the traumatic nightmares I had, this movie will always be one of my favorites. I still think it's highly entertaining and I get a real kick out of seeing Christine Taylor all bald and Benjamin Button looking. Plus this movie kick started my passion for Portishead! Hallelujah.

The Witches

The Witches was on on Halloween so guess what I was watching!? Let's get out the obvious- this movie is pretty terrifying on it's own. When Angelica Houston takes off her mask it makes me almost instantly vomit. All the witches and their disgusting baldness, no toes, scabby heads, long fingernails are just bleck. But what made this truly terrifying for me was always the stories and the idea of witches trying to abolish children. 

The first story in the movie about how the grandmother's friend disappeared one day and turned up in a painting the next...? Ahhh. People in paintings always scared me because of this damn movie. Also one time I almost got run over by an old lady in the parking lot of CVS and to really freak me out, my sister told she had purple eyes! I really thought I was a goner. The Witches certainly did nothing to save the image of creepy old ladies. I will continue to never trust them, thank you. This movie also had Mr. Bean though so that helps things. But man, those frickin little girls trapped in the paintings? And they even kind of talk? No thanks.


the jaded viewer said...

"Watch out for the weirdos"
"We are the weirdos"

Ahhh Fairuza Balk.

Andre Dumas said...

Heheh yesssss. She is one crazy mother fucker in this. Sometimes in the above mentioned scene I look at her and really fear for my life.

Ms Harker said...

Fairuza was way pale and evil looking and that scene with the boots made the film... I have to confess it made me want a pair, but my Mum brought me home a brown less pointed pair, was I one mopey teen!

Anonymous said...

The Craft was a good movie with a great cast -- Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney (okay, I'll admit that part of the reason I watch The Mentalist is b/c she was in The Craft!), and Neve Campbell. Good cover of How Soon Is Now on the soundtrack, and it paved the way for Charmed on tv. What could be better?!

Have you seen the male version of The Craft -- The Covenant?

ekdumas said...

haha, as I was reading this post I was like, "Hmmm I wonder if Andre remembers when that old lady almost killed her in CVS and I told her she had purple eyes and gloves on!?!" Man, i really scarred you for life sometimes, but I guess in a good way! Right?!!!

Andre said...

Ms. Harker - AHHHH I can't believe you would want to own those boots! haha jk. But the pointy-ness totally makes it. Darn your Mom!

Nicole- I have not seen the male version! I'll only watch it if they play light as a feather stiff as a bored...that wasn't meant to sound dirty. ha

Emmy Doomas- hahaha you were very mean to me and my imagination. Who can forget when we played pilgrims and indians and you would tie me to the tree and pretend to set fire to it! That was a scary make believe game...I don't like cockaleeky i dont like cockaleeky I want the Cress the Cress soup!

Ms Harker said...

I was going through my performing arts Goth phase ;)

Anonymous said...

They don't play 'light as a feather, stiff as a board' (wonder if anyone does these days, hmmm....?) in The Covenant, but it does feature some great eye-candy like Steven Strait, Chace Crawford, Sebastian Stan, and Kyle Schmid ;)

William Malmborg said...

Wow, I remember The Witches. That was pretty scary when I was little. The girl in the painting scene always freaked me out.

In The Craft I always got creeped out by all the snakes. I'm not really scared of snakes, but I hate seeing them all tangled together like that.

Izzy said...

i absolutely LOVED the book 'the witches' by roald dahl .. i think it was my favorite of his books.. maybe tied w/ fantastic mr fox (which is about to come out as a movie?! w/ sexy george clooney as mr fox? yum!)
but i neeeed to see the movie. angelica houston is perfectly cast though, i remember the illustration of the head witch so clearly! def freaked me out. watch out for the poison in the candy stores! eek

Andre said...

You haven't seen the movie izzy!?! You need to rent it ASAP you would love it.

JLG said...

Oh man - Ok, so I just found your blog, and was skimming the entries and saw the picture of the kid in the painting. I immediately knew what it was. Let me tell you, that part freaked me out so much - especially when I read the book. I can't explain it. But, yeah, everytime I see kids in a painting like that I think maybe a witch put them there. Poor painting kids.