Friday, November 20, 2009

Way To Go Moments in Horror History: Guy Woodhouse

Way to Go Guy Woodhouse

Guy Woodhouse is the ultimate low in bad husbandry. He's smug and smarmy, plus he's a bad actor. He's such a bad actor that he has to make a pact with the DEVIL to let him impregnant his wife- so that he can get a real acting job. Here we have the ultimate definition of someone who puts their work before their family. And what a sad sorry excuse he is for a man.

Say Guy, here's a swell idea!- find a new career you asshole. If you can't get an acting job take a crappy job at the bank, grocery store or somewhere that doesn't require you to bond with the weirdo next door neighbors who happen to be devil worshippers. Heck- ask Rosemary if she'll get a job! Whatever you do- don't tell the devil he can rape your wife. It's pretty rude and you didn't even ask Rosemary if it was OK.

Not only have you ruined the life of your wife- who does your laundry in a very scary basement- but you've also allowed the ultimate evil power to re-enter the world- and after Father Karras so nicely sacrificed his life to keep evil demons at bay too. Way to go Guy. Your son is going to have some serious Daddy issues.


Pax Romano said...

I wholeheartedly believe, with every ounce of my being, that Tom Cruise is a modern day Guy Woodhouse. Just substitute Satan with Scientology and there you have it...soulless, vindictive, manipulative, bad actor.

Andre Dumas said...

Ahhh so true. Although I would argue that Scientology is the same as Satan worship...? No? So that means Suri is the DEVIL I knew she was too cute to be true.