Monday, November 16, 2009

Way to Go Moments in Horror History: Larry Vaughn Mayor of Amity

Way to Go Larry Vaughn

It's very possible that Larry Vaughn is the worst mayor in world. Sure we all love to make money. But unless you are the Devil, then you should never put money ahead of the life of beach goers and a cute dog named Pippin. If a dead body ripped to shreds washes up on the shore- chances are there's something bad in the water. A boating accident?! Are you insane? Don't be so rude to Chief Brody who made his OWN money to make his OWN signs to close the beach and tell him that he's being dumb.

Yeah? Chief Brody was overreacting Larry? Oh that's weird because it's not long before Jaws comes and swallows up poor Alex on his raft, the insanely cute black Lab named Pippin who left his stick behind, and a head pops up in a sunken boat. Not to mention Chief Brody's son almost gets eaten. Overreacting eh?

Way to go Larry Vaughn. You could have saved a lot of lives if you had only closed the beach. And the best part is- now no one will ever come to lose!!


William Malmborg said...

I love this. The worst part is that he then pretty much made the same mistake in the next movie proving that people never learn.

Andre Dumas said...

Haha WHY is he still the Mayor!? That's hilarious. I have an insane fear of sharks- especially fake looking ones so I've never allowed myself to watch the sequels. I remember bits and pieces of them that left a deep scar. Banana boats, sea world, underwater aquarium....yikes.

ekdumas said...

Haha, banana boat!