Monday, November 2, 2009

Carebears. Ghostbusters II. Gremlins II.

The Carebears Movie

This is still probably one of my favorite movies EVER. Hah yeah I'm not even kidding. Nothing screams nostalgia like this little ditty. Besides being about caring and love and all that junk this movie had some really scary moments. Take for instance- the evil spell book with the face! The way she says "Nick-o-laus.....Nick-o-laus..." ahhh. And then there's the amusement park scene after all the kids have been turned angry and hateful- and Nicholas chases after the care bears and the two kids...holy jeez. Who would have thought so much horror could be in a movie about so much love? 

Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters 2 may be the finest example of an evenly satisfying movie. The first one may have had the big librarian scare; but Ghostbusters II has....Dr. Janosz Poha as a SCARY FLYING NANNY! 

Ahhhhh! Something about this scene will always give me the chills. I think it should also be pointed out that until recently I had no idea that this scary nanny was indeed Janosz. I really just thought it was an ultra creepy nanny. I always somehow pictured myself sleeping and this scary flying ghost nanny thing coming to get me. How is that not scary? Also the arrival of The Titanic and all the ghost people that come out of it still scares me. Vigo doesn't help things either. 

Hey was that Cheech?

Also, this cracks me up.

Gremlins 2

Yeah apparently I'm all about the sequels in this edition of Scary Moments.  Gremlins 2 is a fantastic movie by the way. How can you not love when that Gremlin does the "IS IT SAFE?! IS IT SAFE?!" from Marathon Man, or when that one Gremlin get's smart, or even when 
 a Gremlin gets put through the paper shredder? The Gremlins really changed up their character's in this one...and the one that sticks out the most to me is the giant gremlin spider part. For anyone who hates spiders I think this scary moment speaks for itself. I hate those frickin pincher things on the underbelly- and what's worse- the pinchers make a "pincher noise" yeah. Screw that. 


Unknown said...

You know I've seen Care Bears the movie about 50 times when I was a kids but I don't remember it looking as cool as that! lol. Wow, dare I say I need to watch it again?

Ghostbusters 2 is awesome and wrongly ridiculed. It's a great sequel.

Andre Dumas said...

Ummm YES you have to watch it again. Disney plays it every now and again- also you can probably watch the whole thing on youtube.

Sometimes I get the songs stuck in my head in awkward places and people may think I'm a little weird for humming it...whatever people whatever.

And yes Ghostbusters II is the best sequel money can buy. I was reading the quotes earlier and cracking up. I even have Ghostbuster's 2 listed as one of my favorite movies on facebook, but not Ghostbusters!! Which doesn't mean I don't like Ghostbusters I was just proving a point...