Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exciting Things! More Far Side Comics! PLUS Awards.

Well, only more proof that The Far Side is the greatest thing that has ever existed. But anyways. I'm here to tell you all about some EXCITING things. So brace yourself because things are about to become exciting.

First off my long lost sister Ms. BJ-C of The Day of the Woman has graced a few of my favorite bloggers and myself with a very prestigious and wildly boobie-tastic award!

Here is what BJ-C has to say about yours truly...

I honestly believe Andre Dumas is my sister from another mister. Everything she says, I agree with and her wit constantly reminds me that I'm not alone in this world of female horror blogging :D

It's true! On more than one occasion whilst listening to or reading the great BJ-C, I often wondered if somehow we were separated at birth...even though we are different ages- but regardless we are very similar in our wit and styles and it makes me ever so humbled and excited beyond belief to read such kind words!! Thank you times a million BJ-C you are the greatest!!

Now I will attempt to give a few people the award- but I'm going to try to give it to those I have not given an award to yet! And besides if Chuck Conroy of Zombies DON'T Run gets another link, I'll never be able to surpass him in the horror blips ranking....Oh nuts I linked to him....DAMN! Foiled again.

So without further ado here are some blogs I have gotten to know and love- and you should too. They will all receive the fantastically frightening award!

To The Smartest Man on the Planet -- Uranium Willy from The Uranium Cafe. Uranium Willy or Bill Dan Courtney as I like to call him runs two extremely intelligent and equally satisfying blogs- The Uranium Cafe AND Necrotic Cinema. The man currently lives in China and after hearing all about his troubles with blogging and that little thing called the government- it's a wonder that he still has a blog to call his. Having just started up his podcast again- and reading about his true feelings on Paranormal Activity (of which I completely agree) there is no doubt in my mind that Uranium Willy is among the elite. Props to you good sir.

To the Coolest Lady Ever with The BEST Taste in 80s Horror-- Maweanne's The Spooky Brew. Maweanne or Maryanne...teheheh is the coolest lady ever because she does special effects and is a make up artist. How cool is that???! I am in love with the Spooky Brew because on her recent list of her top 10 horror movies of the 80s she included Sleepaway Camp which let's face it- is the best thing to ever happen to the world! This woman rocks so start reading her blog folks!

To the Man Who Agrees With Little of My Opinions but Still Likes Me---The Jaded Viewer of The Jaded Viewer . While we agree on very few things--I can always count on Jaded to give me good solid, honest feedback. He has the BEST rating system (spin kicks) the best formula for writing his reviews and is just all kinds of fun to read. If there is ONE thing we can agree on- it's the necessity of forming a truthful and honest opinion backed up by intelligent arguments. I will always enjoy reading everything the Jaded Viewer has to say which is why his blog is always one of the very first I read to start the day! Bless you sir.

To The Nicest Guy in the Business Who Knows His Horror Like No One Else--Johnny Horror of Horrorland. I love Johnny Horror like it's nobody's business. Not only is he the nicest guy I have probably ever met--but his blog is one of the most original and truly captivating ones that I have seen! His images, the plethora of features, everything is truly a sight to be seen. Plus he loves great movies- and I've found it very difficult to disagree with his absolutely wonderful taste!

Congrats to you all and now you can you add boobies to your blogs with this wonderful award.

OK- The Next exciting thing- regards an email I received today from James Phillips who is in the process of making his very own horror movie.

Check out his blog. The really exciting thing is that James needs all of our creative minds to help create the perfect title for his movie! No the title isn't "Your Title Here" silly! If your title gets chosen you win a bunch of cool shit like your name in the credits, a signed poster and a signed DVD. Read more about the movie on the blog and submit your title!! I LOVE the idea for this contest and you can bet your sweet butt I will be submitting one of my amazing titles---I can't promise it won't be HILARIOUS though. Thanks for the info James and good luck on finding a winner and a title!

And the final piece of exciting news is that my cat no longer needs to go hungry!! Yes I have found a 2nd job- at the delicious frozen yogurt place down the street. Hoo-ray! I'm stoked to A. eat frozen yogurt and B. make some extra cash- as I surely need it.

Don't worry all you Horror Digest addicts, I will still be posting my butt off! A 2nd job won't stop this woman from movie watching and blogging I can assure you that.

Alright I guess that all the excitement. Keep up the good work my friends and remember that The Far Side is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Dod said...

Congrats on the second job!

And thanks for the word of the day: boobie-tastic.

I'm tucking that away for use sometime this week.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Much deserved.

Chuck Conry said...

I'm on to your evil plan to destroy my rank woman! :p lol

Anonymous said...
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the jaded viewer said...

Yummy. Is it like Pinkberry? I love pinkberry.

Thanks for the shoutout. I am stoked I get to have partial nudity on my nav bar for eternity.

Andre - That's the best part of blogging is agreeing we are going to disagree on some things.

So that when we do makes it so much better :-)

Andre Dumas said...

It IS like Pinkberry- only cheaper and awesomer! And the cost is done by the weight--which I don't know if that's how Pinkberry does things but I think it's pretty damn awesome.

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Andre got the award you sent em designed by BJC. There may something headed you way from me in a couple days or less so look for it. About to head out traveling on the border of Tibet in a couple days so will try to gt that to you soon :)

Bill Dan Courtney 9as you prefer to call me)

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Andre, I have returned to announce the awards committee here at the Uranium Cafe has cleared you for reception of the Dangerous Rad Award. Congratulations. You may claim your award here:

We have taken the $1,000,000 prize that comes with the award and donated to a charity as we are sure that is what you would want.

Bill Dan Courtney :)