Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Way to Go Moments in Horror History: Micah

If Guy Woodhouse was the worst of the worst in bad husbandry then Micah no last name- is the worst of the worst in boyfriends. I don't think I've ever come across a bigger non-believer/believer in all my life. Ask yourself this question- if you have actual video evidence of an evil demon doing demon things to your suspiciously nice apartment--- why are you still in disbelief??? Micah is just further proof that the world no longer makes sense.

When Micah shows his terrified and equally annoying girlfriend the tapes- he's being completely serious about what is happening. Yet when Katie insists that they get a professional to assess the situation Micah gets all "No way, that shit AIN'T REAL" Oh really? That's weird because last I checked you just saw 100% authentic video footage of doors opening and closing by themselves, and crazy unexplainable noises. Since you have the frickin video camera running all night long- it's pretty easy to see that this ain't no hoax fool- so why are you still being a douche bag?

Any complete moron can tell that negativity = more demon action so why can't Micah grasp this concept? Why do you continue to film things when it makes Katie upset- therefore igniting more verbal disagreements and THEREFORE making the demon's ears perk up. And let's not forget that satanic ouija board you brought in. "Dude....I don't believe in psychics but I totally believe that an Ouija Board will help us solve the mystery of why these crazy things are happening". Because obviously the demon is just sitting around the living room being invisible and reading his invisible newspaper--waiting with baited breath to be summoned by the Oujia board so he can FINALLY tell his side of the story. God. Why didn't I think of that in the first place??! Micah you are a genius!

P.S. Why don't you make your lame girlfriend get a real job that doesn't include bead making? A real job would have distracted her from thinking about demons and everything would have been OK.

Way to go Micah- I don't know which alternate ending you "chose" to believe in but chances are you died. Hooray! Also who keeps a camera running 24/7 and doesn't leave it on while having sex? Loser.


Bobby Bless said...

not only did they have a nice place, but Micah also had a pimped out video camera. WTF is up with that? sorry to everyone that loved this movie but it bored me and hated that the trailer itself kills the movie by showing part of the ending... whoops, i guess i spoiled it for those that didn't see it... oh well.

i'm almost positive i would have become best buds with that demon. i mean, come on, who wouldn't be down for supplying a demon with a ton of negative energy just to see some freaky shit happen. could be awesome!

Unknown said...

Man, he really was a dick. I don't think I grasped just how much of one he was until reading this.


Micah made the same mistake the cast of LITTLE CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS made.

You do not dare the Devil to come and get you. You just don't. It's like going to Sturges and shouting as loud as you can that all bikers are pussies.

Chris H said...

I honestly think this is how a macho, arrogant dude (who is secretly terrified) would act. Men like this always want to fix things, even if incurring huge expense (like DIY plumbing when you don't know what the hell you're doing).

I love Al Bruno III's comments!

the jaded viewer said...

The use of the Ouija board was completely asinine. I mean thats made by Parker Bros for goodness sake.