Saturday, January 2, 2010

Night of the Comet: A True 80s Masterpiece.

I guess it's safe to say that comet's are really never a good thing. In fact if one approaches it's best to lock yourself in some kind of steel enclosed room just to be safe. Night of the Comet addresses these dangers and proves that although civilization has ended- you can still have fun.

I'm surprised that Night of the Comet wasn't included in more holiday horror posts- as the movie takes place during Christmas- and the whole comet party- wait until midnight thing is very reminiscent of that little thing called New Years. Anyways this particular comet's tail will be passing through the earth- an event which presumably hasn't happened since the extinction of the dinosaurs- all the more reason to party. We meet Regina (Reg) an employee at a movie theater who's life goal is to make sure all high scores on the arcade game belong to her. After a night of projection room sex- Regina and her boyfriend part ways. Regina goes back to the arcade game...



And her boyfriend goes outside- where he's struck with a wrench and eaten by a zombie. After being locked out of the movie theater Regina notices that there are a lot of clothes on the ground in the shape of where a person would be- only now filled with a strange red dust.


Regina doesn't seem to be too worried and goes around back to find a wrench covered in blood next to her boyfriends keys. Again- not worried at all, Regina finds the zombie- punches him out and rides the motorcycle out of there. After finding no human life at all- cars idled at stop lights and more and more clothes and red dust Regina finally realizes that something must be wrong. Upon returning home Reg finds her sister Sam decked out for Pep Squad practice and seemingly unharmed. Turns out- if you spent the night in a steel structure you are safe- but as it so happens everyone was out celebrating the comet's arrival! So bad luck there.

Reg and Sam meet Hector- a steamy one- and also the title character in Eating Raoul- then send out a message via radio- which is picked up by a group of government scientists. What will become of the three survivors? And what is up with this zombie talk?

So as it turns out- this movie is pretty 80's-tastic! I love it. Sure they may only be like 2 and a half zombies in the entire thing- but the overall premise is very intriguing- and the constant shots of all those clothes and red dust actually did make me feel a little uneasy.

Sure it's a little depressing-suddenly having no family and no real sense of life or whatever- but these people know how to have fun- and dare I say it- girls just wanna have fun? Cyndi Lauper was right- even when the world is ending- the girls head to the mall and get their shopping in- while blasting the aforementioned song. But in all seriousness I really enjoyed this movie. Although I think my DVD may have been damaged or something because I looked away for 2 seconds- and I really thought the scientists were just aliens trying to harvest humans for their blood? Maybe I got all mixed up with Daybreakers or something but anyways they are just scientists- and not very smart ones at that. Helpful hint: When you are staying safe inside your comet proof bunker- make sure you close those vents- you ninnies!

So anyways if you are ever feeling depressed by the likes of I Am Legend or 2012, or what have you- pop this one in and dance along to all those fearsome 80's jams. Plus the script is absolutely fabulous! The effects could have been better but who cares it's a fun movie and it doesn't seem to get a lot of credit these days. Reg is probably my favorite ass kicking female lead in any movie- and Sam- although at times annoying is the perfect sidekick. Oh and- Audrey is also from Eating Raoul isn't that wacky?! If you haven't seen Eating Raoul watch that too.

Umm what else. Oh! Favorite moments include: The first thing Sam envisions herself doing after realizing that civilization is over? Donning a cheesy prom dress, driving a car and drinking a beer at the same time! Target practice on the car-"Dad would have gotten us Uzis"- the face off between Sam and her stepmother in the beginning- AMAZING. Telling the kids that the laughing gas will take them to the North Pole- and Reg's reaction of disgust. Plus lots more.

Sure I expected more of a zombies taking over the world type of deal- but whatever I was still entertained and loving every minute of it. Plus the lead is none other than the girl from Weekend at Bernie's so you have to watch it now! Oh and PS What the shit is this about?

You don't fool me scary clown from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure dressed in different clothing!!!

You're still just as scary and stop haunting my dreams.


Anonymous said...

The director who helmed this also did Sole Survivor. A more serious film to be sure, but no less fun, creepy and entertaining. Check it out.

We posted a review a couple days back, BTW.

Andre Dumas said...

Ooh thanks PoT! I will check that out and your review

: )

William Malmborg said...

Wow, I completely forgot about this movie. I will have to get hold of it sometime. Maybe have an 80's night. Of course it would just be me and the cats, but that's okay, they're good company :)

Oh, I could watch Space Mutiny too. That would be the perfect 80's movie to end on before going to bed at like ten.

Andre Dumas said...

Yesss I watched it with my cat too- they are the best movie partners ever.

Paul Castiglia said...

This is one of my all-time favorites, and certainly one of the best of the '80s. I've recommended this one to several friends encouraging them to do a "double feature" night with "Comet" and "Night of the Creeps." *Sigh* - long live the '80s horror flicks with their humor and inventiveness, before nihilism and torture took over the multiplexes.

Dod said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reviewing this gem. I must've seen this a dozen times in my youth. In fact, I think it may have started my fascination with apocalyptic fiction. Well, this and "The Stand."

Plus, I had a thing for Kelli Maroney back in the day. Cheerleaders with guns. *sigh*

Franco Macabro said...

Cheesy movie in deedy, I think I included it in my Cheesy movie thread a couple of days ago?? Cheesiest part is when the two girls go to the mall shopping even though its the end of the world!!!

Pure eighties cheese, with a tv movie feel to it...

Evil Dave said...

The friends an I used to fantasize about being the last people on Earth (I still do sometimes) and this movie comes the closest to things we would likely do. If you are alone in the world, why not live it up a little? Although I would frequent different stores and I would be pumping out jams from Duran Duran.

db said...

For those who enjoy Night of the Comet, there is a fan site at

Anonymous said...

Late to the party, but random clicking on the internet just brought me here.

I love this movie, it is one of my all time favorites. Also, trivia: I read once that Joss Whedon said the very early seeds of Buffy were planted in his brain when he watched this, inspired by the blonde cheerleading sister.

vw said...

Never to late to post on an 80s horror blog entry, right?
Just wanted to point out that things came full circle as the movie opens with Reg being irritated that DMK made it onto her high score screen and ends with Sam driving away with a rich dude with DMK personalized license plate. Good to know she will have someone to keep challenge her and keep her skills sharp.