Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home Alone: This is For You Ryan Gallagan.

Besides the fact that this movie contains a tarantula which I despise, this movie also contains another scene that I find memorable. No it's not the "creepy"/ actually nice old man who shovels too much snow, or the fact that Kevin sits down to a perfect meal of macaroni and cheese right when the clock strikes the bad guy's arrival time. It's not even the part when Kevin slaps on the aftershave. No no, it just so happens that everyone's favorite booby trap setting rapscallion shares a common fear that I once had. The fear of the evil furnance monster in the basement. Basements are usually pretty scary without there being a threat of a furnance monster- but being alone in your house and having to go down to the basement is kind of traumatizing. The worst part would be when I would have to turn off the lights and then walk up the stairs. I was always positive a monster was going to get me. Kevin's fear of the furnance is a little scarier but the furnance actually comes alive in his vision and roars and opens it's furnance mouth to reveal a fiery oven.

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