Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are You Afraid of the Dark Part 2.

The Tale of the Vacant Lot

A lot of people forget about this episode but it's certainly one of my faves.  The main character in this one is unhappy with her life- she's nerdy, unpopular and really wants to be on the track team. She's in luck however because a strange tent has just set up shop selling everything she could ever want. The woman who runs the shop tells her a trade will suffice for payment and begins taking things that the girl thinks have no value. As it so happens those things do have value and the more that gets taken away from her, in exchange for shallow things- the uglier she becomes. The sores on her face are pus filled and gross and I just get a kick out of this episode. It's not really scary but it has a special place in my heart.

The Tale of the Unfinished Painting

I freaking love this episode. Not only does it star that girl from Flash Forward but it's just all kinds of awesome. Jewel's character is an artist who stumbles upon a strange studio filled with unfinished paintings. All she has to do is complete one and sign her name. The other girls who were there before her soon start disappearing as soon as their paintings are done. When the girl's sign their names they are instantly sucked into the painting where they remain forever. It's pretty creepy and totally reminds me of The Witches. Also there's a head in the cabinet where the magic paint brushes are kept and the scary lady that runs the studio is especially scary...good description I know.

The Tale of the Quicksilver

Another really great episode...oh who am I kidding every episode is great. This one however, stars Tatyana Ali and is generally really creepy. It's about a particularly menacing kind of ghost called a Quicksilver who haunts a specific person. Apparently Tat Tat had a twin sister who died in a fire one night- turns out she died while trying to banish the ghost- but the spell went wrong. The new kid in school has moved into that same house and his little brother is now the target of the quicksilver. It's really an interesting and entertaining episode- the quicksilver ghost is really fucking scary- especially because it just appears out of the wall- and it draws Q's on the wall...and he looks smelly. 

The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner

I'm not a huge comic book fan but this is a really creepy episode. The Ghastly Grinner is this character in a comic book and when our main character who looks like a girl with really greasy hair tries to dry out his copy in a microwave, (genius) the ghastly grinner escapes and possesses people. I just don't like the way the people turn into this giggling maniac it really freaks me out and reminds me of the joker in the original batman. AND of Evil Dead. Oh and there's also this weird blue goo dripping from places and out of people's mouths it's gross. Oh AND the ghastly grinner is this like joker/clown type character which makes him automatically scarier. Are You Afraid of the Dark loves it's clowns.

The Tale of the Closet Keepers

For some reason I'm really really obsessed with this episode. It's really not a very good one but I love the idea of it. A deaf girl gets made fun of by some asshole kid who thinks he rocks at basketball. One day while walking home, the deaf girl discovers a strange door leading to an even stranger place. Men in black suits walk around, there's a weird map on the wall and kids are locked up in cages! It turns out this place is some kind of "zoo" of humans and aliens can come and look at them. The human's cages are like a bedroom only with no real furniture. Soon the asshole boy joins her when he is kidnapped by the black suits and they have to find a way to escape. As it turns out being deaf certainly has it's advantages. I guess it's just the aliens coming and looking at the humans that just freaks me out. I'm not a huge alien fan but I don't fancy being locked in a cage and put on display to an alien family wearing oxygen masks. I also hate the weird jello concoction they get for food. Plus being abducted by scary men in black suits is also not on my to do list.

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William Malmborg said...

Wow, I completely forgot about this show. My little brother and I used to watch it after school all the time. We loved it. I’ll have to check out once he is back in town for Christmas before being deployed again. What memories watching some of these would bring back.