Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prom Night: Disco Proms Were the Coolest.

I will start off by saying that the cover of this VHS mislead me as a young child. I always thought Jamie Lee Curtis was some kind of reverse Carrie type killer- seeking revenge on the scum of the nation known as high schoolers. Turns out Jamie Lee has little to do with any of those shenanigans. Pity.

Rather, Prom Night begins when a bunch of kids are playing a lovely game in some kind of creepy abandoned school. The game is basically hide and seek only called the killers or something. A little girl wants to join in but seems oddly confused that it's even a game at all. She seems to think the other kids really are trying to kill her- and in an attempt to escape them falls out a window to her death. Jamie Lee Curtis was her older sister and 6 years after this event the children are all magically grown up and now attending the prom. Each of the kids- who left the scene and never told anyone- receive a creepy phone call prior to the prom. It's not long before the prom gives new meaning to the term "staying alive".... That was lame sorry.

So I did not expect this movie to be a horror movie/ musical- complete with a stunning array of disco dancing scenes. Including the final scene set to disco music. Also Leslie Nielsen is the Dad! And he didn't crack a single joke.

For the most part the movie is a little slow- the kills aren't really shown- except of course for that rousing head chopping scene which was excellent. There's also a nice display of some paint blood which made me happy- but other than that kind of boring for a slasher movie.

One thing that really surprised me though was the emotional ending. I really for a second was kind of touched at the end. I guess I just don't get why the killer waited 6 years, was wearing lipstick, or why Jamie Lee never figured out how her little sister died- seeing as she was at the scene minutes before the death happened. There's also a really long chase scene in this that ends in lameness. The chase just had me scratching my head. Why didn't she run back where the dance was? Oh well oh well. And this movie also makes me realize another commonly forgotten rule of slasher movies; never suspect that the killer is "the escaped criminal/insane patient" because it never is. Except of course in Halloween.

So overall I wasn't entirely thrilled with this. Jamie Lee Curtis always distracts me because she's weird looking, and Nick and Alex looked exactly alike. In the beginning when she was having a sentimental moment with Nick I really thought it was her brother. And then she smooched him and I was like...ummm. OH and what is up with Jude being attracted/ willing to get in fatty boom batty's raper van? And why did he have a plethora of joints in that history book?! So many questions.

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