Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Brave Little Toaster and Fred Savage Can Be Scary Too.


I love shrimp. It's most definitely up there on my favorite foods list and yet whenever I think of the shrimp cocktail scene in Beetlejuice I get a strange pang in my gut. I'm not sure about this but I think it has something to do with the way the shrimp morphs into huge gross shrimp hands and attacks peoples faces. This is another scene I always dreaded as a wee one and it's too bad because the Day-o song is too classic to miss. And I still never truly know when it's coming either- which certaintly complicates things like looking away at the right time, or coughing on cue- stuff like that. It's just something about the sudden change in texture- well it would have to be because somewhere along the day-o dance number, the shrimp changes from deliciousness to a terrible looking shrimp glove. And also it makes monster like noises and that ain't cool.

Little Monsters

This is a spectacular piece of film. I suppose it is pretty frickin scary, especially to a young child- and especially to me who is scared of most things like Howie Mandel. Plus, I've always had a soft spot for Fred Savage because he bears a strong resemblance to my sister when she was a young tot.

Now the thing that always struck me as super scary about this movie was the "boss" of the monster world named "Boy". He wears this terrible little boy outfit but he looks about 30 years old. He speaks in this overly creepy nice, playful tone and when the camera pans around to the back of his head you see this awful bloody head thing. Bleck. He just really makes me uncomfortable and I don't appreciate the way he tries to ruin the Fred Savage appeal of this movie. Also Ben Savage plays his little brother in the movie. Don't you just love it when real life siblings act together as siblings?


I know this isn't a movie but this has been bothering me for years and I have to get it out in the open. Does anyone remember this show? I really really hated it. I hate puppets and I hate big heads on little gross puppet arms. This entire show consisted of Mark Weiner doing just that- and it just really puts a bad taste in my mouth. Yuck I'm getting nauseous just thinking about the way it looked and the overall creepy garbage pail kid like atmosphere it brought to the table. Thank god things like this aren't on TV anymore. As scary as the witch puppet in Mr. Rogers is- he would never EVER create something as scary and awful as this.

The Brave Little Toaster

Two scenes come to mind whenever I think back fondly to my days of watching this movie. One is when the appliances go to their owners apartment and mingle with all the newer, sleeker appliances and technologies. First off you immediately don't trust these new appliances because they all have a really creepy face and smile. I mean if you look at the cute little blanket guy's face and then these guys it's like....instant distrust and malice. PLUS they are mean and sing a creepy song and then push the appliances out of the window. Fuck them. The other scene is the junkyard scene with the giant magnet thingy. I would often have nightmares about being stalked by a giant orange magnet with a face and this movie really did nothing to help that. Just the way he silently stalks the appliances and sneaks up on them and then puts them on that scary conveyor belt...egads.


Unknown said...

lol, eating shrimp was never the same after Beetlejuice. That picture of your little sister is priceless! I bet she hates you for posting it!

Andre said...

Hahah actually she died laughing...Her looking like Fred Savage is our favorite inside joke. I call her Fred all the time!