Saturday, December 5, 2009

Creepshow: Is It Weird That I'm Craving Cake AND Roach Cereal?

The opening credits of Creepshow are enough to give any living horror fan an immediate heart attack. George A. Romero. Stephen King. Tom Savini. Ed Harris. Leslie Nielsen. TED DANSON. It's like my heart was my rolling down a steep hill. Creepshow is a homage to horror comics like Tales from the Crypt, and weaves tales of fright in and out of comic book styled (whoops my bad GRAPHIC NOVELS) pages and provides an overall amazing experience. I love how the beginning stars Stephen's King's son- and how he shares a special moment with the ghoulish mascot of the Creepshow comic who is conveniently floating outside of the boy's window.

Hey look a flying scary skeleton ghoul is outside my window.

You silly skeleton ghoul! Let's be friends.

Yeah, it's basically a near perfect interaction. And now onto the tales of horror. Each tale is unique in that they really all provide a completely different side of horror. We have the tale of the zombie who likes cake, alien-like meteors that feast on hill billies, the aspect of haunting, hungry monsters, and things that just plain eat us alive. They are all scary on a different level and I loved how even though the movie runs at 2 hours long- the stories never drag and your attention is held the entire time.

I'm sure everyone has different opinions on which segments they love- but my personal favorites would have to be Father's Day and Something to Tide You Over. Father's Day captured an authentic feeling of creepy old relatives, dark histories, and Ed Harris dancing like a maniac. I loved the look of the corpse and it's gross mouth and the classic Wheres my cake line. A sentence I find myself asking most of the day. I can't help it if I love cake! Not this kind of cake however.

I may be biased in my opinion on Something to Tide You Over, because anything that Ted Danson is involved in is an immediate hit in my book. BUT I will maintain that Leslie Nielsen's character is one sick and twisted fuck. Anything that has to do with drowning, immediately gives me the heebie jeebies and this little segment may be the ultimate torture. Again the look of the walking corpses at the end was incredible- and I especially loved their gurgling/ bubbling sounds.

The Lonesome Death of Jody Verrill also needs mentioning because it stars Stephen King as a silly, dumb, hick!

Who knew Stephen's acting chops were so well defined? Other than that, this segment was kind of eh for me. If anything it just provided some serious comic relief in the form of Stevie.

I also loved the Crate segment- the scenes where Henry fantasizes about killing his wife were great! The one where he shoots her and then all the party guests clap and exclaim what an excellent shot he has, is fantastic! The monster in the Crate- while looking like Harry from Harry and the Henderson's was scary with his huge fingernails and awful looking mouth full of sharp teeth.

And then we have the cockroach scene, called They're Creeping Up On You features an angry and crotchety old man obsessed with killing every vile creature that sets foot in his overly sterile looking penthouse. Bravo highlights this as being the scariest moment- and while I can appreciate it, it really only makes me itchy and grossed out. Cockroaches are the anus of the bug world- and while I don't have a particular disliking for them- this scene will definitely make your skin crawl. And in the case of Upson Pratt this concept is taken literally.

Creepshow is 2 hours of pure horror fun. There's something for everyone in each of these segments- and while we each have our own personal stance on which segments we love- it is pretty much agreed that Creepshow is fantastic. At least I hope so. Thanks to the recent surge in Netflix instant viewing- this recently became available so if you have Netflix get busy! Also, keep a look out for a swell Tom Savini cameo at the end and the just overall wonderful ending in general.



Gory said...

I won't lie, if you didn't like Creepshow I might have recommended we never speak again. lol

This is one of my all time favorite movies for so many reasons. I first saw this in the theatre when I was like 9 years old. It has stayed with me my entire life.

Glad you enjoyed it too. Because if you didn't ...

Andre Dumas said...

Hahah Thank goodness!

Chris H said...

Andre, when I was in like 3rd or 4th grade, I had every line of dialogue in Creepshow memorized AND I drew my own comic version.


: said...

Gory: You saw it in the theater? I'm jealous!

My earliest memory of going to the video store and staring at a VHS box with simultaneous terror and infatuation is CREEPSHOW.

I've loved this movie ever since I first saw it at the age of 12 or 13. My favorite segment: "The Crate."

I've since turned my 10-year-old son on to CREEPSHOW (although he likes the 2nd one better, for some reason). At a convention a couple years ago, in fact, George Romero signed the CREEPSHOW comic book to both of us . . . that was super-cool, and a collectible I'll always treasure.


Andre Dumas said...

Gahh everyone makes me so jealous on these comments. Signatures from George A Romero, David Copperfield, comic books, theatre viewings....gah

One day I will have ahold of something truly amazing. You'll see.

Tash said...

I'm so glad you posted this, it reminded me to buy this movie immediately.

Gory said...

James - I did. I am that old. lol

I was also lucky enough to see it at a midnight show a few years ago with Adrienne Barbeau. That was a great time. It's her favorite role of hers.