Friday, December 25, 2009

Non-Christmas Youtube Videos Plus a Picture of My Cat. Happy Christmas!

Well I'm off to an exotic trip to Hingham MA to visit with my cousins so I leave you with a few of my very favorite Youtube videos. Enjoy!

Charlie Bit Me Autotuned. I seriously want this song on my itunes.

It's Always St. Patty's Day in Alabama.

Quiet Library Japanese Game Show. I much prefer Japanese game shows to horror movies.

Opening of The Innocents. Still the most frightening and awesome opening of a movie. Ever.

Sexual Chocolate. Sexual Chocolate!

Grandma walks dog. Or Dog Walks Grandma?

And the ULTIMATE. Cutest kid that ever lived.

Merry Christmas!! From me and Monkey.

1 comment:

Matt-suzaka said...

I do an awesome imitation of "to me it looks like a Leprechaun to me, everyone that seen the Leprechaun in the tree say yeahhh!"

Merry Christmas to you and your pussy!