Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prepared to Be Scared: Get Your Own Paranormal Experience on the UK Release of Paranormal Activity.

Attention filmmakers, scaredy cats and fans of Paranormal Activity! I just got wind of an exciting contest taking place on Youtube that offers one of the most exciting prizes in a while. The Prepared to Be Scared channel on youtube is offering the chance to be highlighted and introduced by none other than Oren Peli- the writer and director of Paranormal Activity. Details are as follows...

· An exciting promotion whereby users can win the chance to have their film included on the Paranormal Activity DVD & Blu-Ray

· Films restricted to 3 minutes in length and can be shot on camera or mobile phone.

· Entries are open to interpretation - Just make sure they're scary

· Users upload their films to YouTube and then submit their entries to the PrepareToBeScared You Tube channel:

· The best will be shortlisted and shown to Oren Peli to judge the final winners. We’ll leave it open as to how many to make people feel they have a better chance to be included on the DVD/BD.

I have to say I'm loving the idea for this contest. Paranormal experiences caught on tape are one of the most chilling things you can see. Of course, ever since Unsolved Mysteries and my ignorance of the word "reenactment" I've been dubious of their presence. This contest however certainly keeps it open and I especially love how you can also just upload a video of people being set up to be scared.

I do have a few personal ghost stories in my repertoire (involving ghost babies and ghost midgets don't worry I'll spare you the gruesome details) but I will definitely be subscribing to the channel to get a look at what the contestants are submitting.

So get your creativity pants on, tell your boyfriend Micah to set the video camera up- and get those paranormal experiences caught on tape!


The Igloo Keeper said...

I've got a good video from the time I attached a helmet-cam so I could fim how fast I could go on my journey to work on my new motorbike. Anyway, I got caught up in a traffic jam and ended getting off my bike to see what the hold up was - with my camera still running...

... imagine my horror when I was confronted with the reason for the hold-up. A fatal crash between a motorbike and a bus. It was horrible, but that's not all - the dead motorcyclist lying on the ground was ME!

Andre said...

Goodness! How provokative. Are you going to submit it and more importantly- I knew you were really a ghost.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

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The Igloo Keeper said...

Also look out for porn version, Paranormal Cavities