Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost Letters

Dear Cole

I'm sorry that I beat you up in the little closet. I thought you were my friend Charles, whom I used to play in the closet with. Charles always promised me that on my birthday we could finally come out of the closet together and tell the world what exactly it was that we did in there. Unfortunately one day, Charles thought it would be a real gas to leave me in the closet and lock me inside. He got to get out of the closet- while I suffered a broken heart and died. Since I died- no one has returned to the little closet to let me out- and I have been stuck in the closet. So when you got pushed into the little closet I was both happy and angry because I thought Charles had finally returned. My anger however momentarily blinded me- which is why you have so many bruises. Please apologize to your mother for me, I did not mean for child services to get involved. The truth is Cole, Mischa Barton told me that you helped her- and now I need you to help me. Please let everyone know that although I am still in the closet- I would like to get out, it's drafty and there isn't a lot of room to stretch my legs.

Your Friend,

Henry (Hank) the angry man trapped in the little closet.

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