Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Announcing the Wolf Man Contest!

With the arrival of The Wolf Man (The Wolfman) this Friday Horror Movie Empire has setup another amazing contest for all you werewolf aficionados. The prizes this time around are just as good with a special bonus prize for the grand prize winner. Instead of watching the Superbowl on Sunday I watched every single Wolf Man movie on the Universal Wolf Man Legacy Collection and it was quite the experience. This contest will feature that box set- along with some other great prizes.

Prize City

One winner will receive: The Wolf Man Legacy Collection-

Let me tell you that this set is a must have for any Wolf Man fan! On it is; the original Wolf Man, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, She-Wolf of London and Werewolf of London. Highly recommended by yours truly- and if you are so inclined you can read my reviews of all of the movies over at Horror Movie Empire.

One winner will receive: 1 Horror Hound- Wolfman Issue

Two winners will receive: A 10% off card- good at Horror Movie Empire.

And one Grand Prize Winner Receive ALL of the prizes listed above!

To Enter

All you have to do is email digestcontest44@hotmail.com and tell us what you LOVE about the Wolf Man. Make those answers good- as the best ones will be the winners. I'll run the contest for a week, ending it on February 16th and the winners will be posted the next day. Good luck!


I Like Horror Movies said...

Very awesome, I believe those sets are OOP in place of the new Legacy collection where you only get the single film, so that is certainly a must have!

Courtney Mroch said...

I'm spreading the word. I know a couple people who would like this!

Andre said...

Awesome, thank you Courtney!