Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scream: Jiffy Pop? Lame.

This was probably my first favorite real slasher movie. It's great because it takes stereotypes of horror movies, makes fun of them, while at the same time acting out those very same stereotypes in the movie. It's pretty genius. The first night I watched this one was yet another sleepless night because I keep thinking the bolt on my ceiling lamp looked like the ghost face mask. I know I'm pathetic don't worry.

So Wes Craven really came back with this one. Neve Campbell is a true tortured soul, and it really gives depth to a story which so many slasher movies fail to do. The first scene is somewhat of a shocker, and I of course love it because Drew Barrymore hanging in the tree is a direct homage to the beginning of Suspiria, but it is also just a perfect horror movie scene. When the first thing we ever hear is a ringing phone, you know that phone is going to be the foundation of the frights. And it's true. Every time that phone rings it gets more and more scary. When the killer says, "Because I want to know who I'm looking at" our hearts freeze for a moment as well. It's sets up the rest of the movie so perfectly. Then the boyfriend tied to the chair and the chair through the glass window ahhhh. Although my one qualm with that scene is that I find it a little hard to believe a horror movie fanatic like Drew Barrymore's character would fail to answer that Mrs Voorhees is the killer in Friday the 13th but WHATEVER no judgement.

So this is a whodunit movie at it's best. There isn't some supernatural killer who fails to die in every single sequel, it's some real crazy person. Which is very scary because there are a lot of crazy people out there. There aren't a whole lot of clues to follow so the ending isn't a giveaway. It's surprising, without being too twisty. I'm sorry but some of these twist endings these days are just like....OK what's the craziest shit we can come up with? Now let's write the entire movie based on that premise!" I really feel like the old horror movies are going to be lost forever amongst this crap. At least I have foreign horror movies to look forward to.

ANYWAYS my favorite scenes in this movie would have to be; the beginning obviously, Neve's first run in with the killer, the fact that Arthur Fonzarelli is the principal, also the fact that the janitor's name is Freddy and wears Freddy Kruger's exact outfit, and of course the explanation of the "rules" of the horror movie and the obvious ignorance of them. I also love when Courtney Cox tries to drive away and puts the windshield wipers on but it's just a complete thick film of blood.

It really is a classic film that perfectly combines horror, comedy and entertainment. And what's more the sequels aren't that bad, well actually Scream 3 wasn't really a hit in my book, but there IS a Scream 4 in the making. Also important is that Sydney Prescott is at the center of each sequel so it's really like a trilogy except now there is a 4th one.....ehh never mind. Just enjoy the opening scene. Also as a side note, can anyone identify the person on the cover? It looks nothing like any of the characters...odd.


Matt said...

You've just inspired me to watch this again. It's been at least 8 years since I have. This was one of the first R-rated movies I saw in the theater and it scared the crap out of me. It really is a fantastic film and its sequels are decent as well. Looking forward to Scream 4 too.

Andre Dumas said...

Yay! I'm glad I could inspire you. I seriously used to watch these every single day. I will look forward to Scream 4 only if Wes Craven signs on which hasn't been I'm crossing my fingers. Thanks for reading!

izzy said...

i love this movie, and i definitely watched it in the dumas living room back in 7th grade (maybe on the sacred ron d arm chair!?). i think the lady on the poster is maybe drew barrymore, super close up, and made up, and probably airbrushed.